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The Dood's been designing websites since the mid-90s. I took a break around 2005 till around 2013 when I created this website. I forgot how much I enjoyed working on web design. After puttering around with this site over the last couple of years, I decided to get back into it.

I've recently taken several courses updating my skillset from the old CSS and HTML to HTML5 and CSS3. A LOT HAS CHANGED over the years. I'm also proficient in JavaScript ES6. Currently, my goals are to become a proficient frontend web developer.

Now that I've updated my coding to the latest industry standards I'm looking to add some websites to my design portfolio. It's tough starting all over and finding new clients again. For this reason, I will be offering my services at extremely reasonable rates. If you need a website designer, please feel free to contact me. Let me know what you're looking for and I will shoot you a very reasonable quote and of course, I'll be more than happy to accept your cryptocurrency as well as more traditional forms of payment.

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