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Example What We Do Pages

Here is where we add some content about your company. If you're a business, you would put some more indepth information about your company here. We can add up to 4 or 5 pictures of your business or product along with more info of your business.

If you are some sort of service industry like a cleaning service, maintenance company, or repair shop, you could add the services offered here, along with prices and up to 4 or 5 images showing your staff in action.

If you are in the food service or catering industry, you can add a scanned image's of your menu pages. We can also list your menu in HTML format for a small additional charge.

Note: With this special offer we are trying to keep the price down and not nickel and dime the customer to death with extras. We limit this page to 4-6 images, this also helps with page load time, 2500 characters (additional characters can be purchased for $1.00 in BTC per 1500 additional characters), and up to 3 menu page scans.

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