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Charted: Ripple (XRP) Could Rally Significantly If It Clears This Key Resistance

TA: Ethereum Reclaims 100 SMA, What Does This Means For the Bulls

TA: Bitcoin Struggles Below $57K, Here’s Why 100 SMA Holds The Key

Cardano vs. Polkadot vs. Ethereum, Which Project Will Emerge The Winner?

Why The Crypto Market Could Face A Crackdown, says Cardano’s Inventor

Potential Island Reversal Leaves Bitcoin Bulls Stranded

Despite Deep Plunge, Bitcoin Exchange Reserves Keep Dwindling

How IBM Will Turn Patents In NFTs With Its Blockchain

How XRP Labs’ “Hooks” Could Unlock A New World For The XRPL

OpenOcean – Aggregating the Full Liquidity Across All Cryptocurrency Markets

Bitcoin News

Another South African Company Reveals Plans to List a Crypto ETF on Local Stock Exchange

The Ternoa Blockchain (CAPS) Unveils SecretNFT, Its NFT Platform

Crypto Fraud Reports in South Korea Surged Over 41% in 2020, Says Financial Watchdog

Nigeria Money Printing Controvesy: CBN Governor’s Remarks Attacked, Government Denies It Financed Deficit via Money Printing

2 Cents per Kilowatt Hour: Bitfarms to Launch a 210 MW Bitcoin Mining Operation in Argentina

Former Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks to Lead Binance’s US Trading Platform

B2Broker Continues to Work Hard to Deliver a Full Suite of Technology and Liquidity Solutions

Communist Party of Cuba Suggests Including Cryptocurrencies as an Alternative to Deal With Economic Crisis

Shapeshift Reveals Platform Supports Unwrapped Swaps via Thorchain With No KYC

Biden Administration Developing Cryptocurrency Regulation — Treasury to Provide Direction to SEC

Purpose Investments Launches World’s First Ethereum ETF

Blackrock CEO on Crypto: “It Could Become a Great Asset Class” 

Venmo, PayPal, Cash App: Who Is Next To Support Bitcoin, Crypto

420 Day: Lifting The Smokescreen On Cannabis Crypto Coins

77 Million Users Can Now Share Bitcoin As Venmo Adds Crypto Payments

NAOS Finance raises $5.1M in private sale to accelerate development of its revolutionary DeFi application

What is OpenOcean? Crypto’s Only Full Market Liquidity Aggregator

How the “West” Is Driving Bitcoin’s Bull Market, But Asia Is Resisting

Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts, and Guides

Interview: Understanding The Bitcoin Market With Glassnode’s Rafael Schultze-Kraft

Why Bitcoin's Price Has Stayed Above $50,000

Despite Hash Rate Drop, Surge In Transaction Fees, Bitcoin Is Resilient

Interview: Austin Hill On Blockstream, Open Source And Privacy

NYDIG Bought The Recent Bitcoin Dip, Indicates Other Institutions Are Doing The Same

Canada’s DMG Blockchain Acquires 3,600 Bitcoin Mining ASICs

Why I Would Not Vote For A Bitcoin Party

WeWork To Accept And Transact With Bitcoin

As The Bitcoin Rally Propels Invictus, ICAP Offers Investors Exposure To Its Success

Venmo Customers Can Now Buy, Sell And Hold Bitcoin In App

Binance Hires Legacy Bank Regulator Brian Brooks

Bitcoin Magazine's Art Director To Auction Guy Fawkes Painting For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Sees Historic Levels Of Liquidation Across Multiple Exchanges

Bitcoin: The Separation Of Money And State Animation

PBOC, Federal Reserve Officials Provide Optimistic Commentary On Bitcoin

OKEx Integrates The Bitcoin Lightning Network

There Are Now Two Taproot Activation Clients, Here’s Why

How To Establish Mobile Bitcoin Privacy With A Pixel 4a And CalyxOS

Interview: Bitcoin Reinforces Good Habits With The Littlest Bitcoin Boomer

Bitcoin’s Silent Revolution: Technology And Invention, Plebeian And Ruler

Clearly, Jim Cramer Doesn’t Get Bitcoin

How SIGHASH_ANYPREVOUT And Eltoo Could Improve The Lightning Network

Jordan Peterson’s New Book And Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining Firm Blockcap Moves Headquarters To Texas As State Embraces Bitcoin

Bitcoin Versus Bonds: Asymmetric Assets

Bitcoin Mining Hash Rate Drops As Blackouts Instituted In China

Miami-Dade County Could Soon Let Residents Pay Taxes With Bitcoin

Why Bitcoin Is The Only Cryptocurrency You Need

Peer-To-Peer Is Patriotic

Turkey Bans Bitcoin Payments As Lira Crashes

U.S. Imposes Sanctions On Russia-Linked Bitcoin Addresses

Interview: The Philosophy Of Bitcoin With Professor Craig Warmke

Bitcoin Power: The Energy Of A Money

First Bitcoin ETF In North America Reaches $1 Billion In Assets

$623 Million In Stolen Bitcoin From 2016 Bitfinex Hack Has Been Moved

F2Pool Encodes Money-Printing Headline Into First Post-Coinbase Listing Block

Coinbase Reaches $85.7 Billion Valuation After First Day Of Trading

Bitcoin Is A Trojan Horse For Freedom

Major Swiss Insurer Now Accepts Bitcoin

What Does Coinbase's Listing Mean For Bitcoin?

Speedy Trial Has Been Merged Into Bitcoin Core, Potentially Setting Path To Taproot Activation

Bitcoin: The Ultimate Opportunity Cost

Analysis: Jerome Powell On “60 Minutes”

Gryphon Raises $14 Million For Zero-Carbon Bitcoin Mining Operation

VanEck Launches ETF Offering Exposure To Bitcoin-Focused Companies

Bitcoin's Kimchi Premium Bubble: Inflation, Deflation and Consequences

Value Creation In Bitcoin

Bitcoin Optech #144: Taproot, Bitcoin Core Meetings And More

Coinbase Is Severely Overvalued At 1,500,000 BTC

DeFi Republic

Wednesday Crypto Market Gainers: SOLO, YFI, ETP, BAL, ANKR

Axie Infinity Kicks Off New PvP Season With Real Gold Rewards

Tuesday Crypto Market Gainers: BAND, REP, ERD, KAVA, MANA

Monday Crypto Market Gainers: SYS, FTM, CELR, VGX, MANA

Ethereum Classic Labs Presents its Third Cohort and its Startups

Actronika Unveils its “Skinetic” Haptic Effects Engine for Game Developers

Mastercard Accelerates Crypto Card Partner Program, Making it Easier for Consumers to Hold and Activate Cryptocurrencies

Sunday Crypto Market Gainers: BAND, BAL, KAVA, LEND, AMPL

Crypto Week in Review: Twitter Cracks Down After Bitcoin (BTC) Scam

Saturday Crypto Market Gainers: BZRX, RLC, RSR, KNC, KAVA

Binance US Lists DeFi Token Kyber Network (KNC)

Friday Crypto Market Gainers: BZRX, AOA, RLC, DUSK, AMPL

Thursday Crypto Market Gainers: MOF, AMPL, ALGO, ETP, ENJ

Teller Raises $1 Million Seed Led by Framework Ventures to Bring Your Credit Score to Blockchain

MVIS CryptoCompare Bitcoin Index Licensed to VSFG/Arrano Capital

Voyager Adds Support for Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Wednesday Crypto Market Gainers: DUSK, BZRX, SNX, ERD, LINK

Rise: Surge of Power MapleStory Summer Update on July 22

Core Scientific Acquires Atrio, Strengthening Its AI Capabilities as the Cloud for Data Scientists™

Kraken Lists 3 DeFi Tokens: Compound (COMP), Kava (KAVA) and Kyber Network (KNC)


Snoop Dogg Twist on Nyan Cat NFT Sells for $33K

Doge Day Was a Dud, Dogecoin Price Dips 20%

Uniswap Hits Record $10 Billion in Weekly Trading Volume

Elon Musk Smoking Cannabis on Joe Rogan Is Now 69 NFTs

TIME Magazine Planning NFTs Around Subscriptions, ‘Unique’ Access

Bitfarms Is Bringing Hydroelectric Bitcoin Mining to Argentina

Bitcoin NFT Game Infinite Fleet Raises $7.2 Million So Far

Newegg Lets the Doge Out: Dogecoin Now Accepted

NBA Prospect Jalen Suggs Sells Epic March Madness Shot as NFT

IBM Is Turning Patents Into NFTs

Aleo Raises $28M for Blockchain Privacy Tech from Andreessen, Coinbase, Others

What Will Happen to Bitcoin After All 21 Million are Mined?

Filebase Raises $2 Million to Make Decentralized Storage as Easy as AWS

Is China Rethinking Its Stance on Bitcoin?

WeWork Now Accepting Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

XRP Community Tells SEC: You Don't Represent Our Interest

Gaming Giant Ubisoft Joins Tezos Ecosystem as Corporate Validator

Binance.US Hires Former Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks as CEO

3iQ Gets Green Light For Middle East’s First Nasdaq Dubai Bitcoin Fund

PayPal Adds $1 Bitcoin Buys to Venmo

Phone Giant Deutsche Telekom Invests in Celo's Crypto Network

‘Obey’ Artist Shepard Fairey Warns of Copycat NFT on Rarible

China Isn't Winning the Central Bank Digital Currency Race: PwC

Did Coinbase Insiders Really Cash Out? It's Complicated

What the Hell Is Doge Day—And Will It Really Send Dogecoin to $1?

Ethereum ETF Waives Fees Ahead of Listing This Week

Would Coinbase Ever Launch a COIN Token?

Crypto Brokerage eToro Adds LINK and UNI Trading

South Korea to Combat ‘Illegal’ Bitcoin Transactions

TIME Magazine Now Accepts Crypto for Digital Subscriptions

Red Sox Legend Ted Williams Collectibles Hit NFT Market

Growth in Illicit Crypto Finance ‘Inevitable’: CipherTrace

World’s Largest DAO Inks 10-Year Deal to Bridge Big Banks and DeFi

Britcoin? Bank of England, UK Treasury Launch Digital Currency Task Force

Why This DAO Bought Snowden’s NFT for $5.4 Million

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Soar to $47 As Market Crashes

Bitcoin Sells for $65,882 in South Korea as Kimchi Premium Resurfaces

Crypto Market Plummets 8% in Steep Correction

Mark Cuban Invests in NFT Tracker CryptoSlam

Ethereum Transaction Fees Surge Amid Feverish Demand for Crypto