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Three US States Going After BlockFi In Regulatory Crackdown

Tether To Conduct An Audit To Negate Claims Concerning Transparency

Uniswap Labs Limits Access To Certain Tokens, What It Could Mean For The DeFi Sector

BSC Flash Loan Attack: The Three Copycats

Cardano Aims To Facilitate Users With Smart Contracts

Investing In Bitcoin Mining Businesses Is Also A Sign Of Institutional Acceptance

Ethereum EIP-3675 For ETH 2.0 Upgrade Launches On GitHub

Solana to Launch Stake Pools, This Is How It Will Enable Rewards For SOL Holders

This Bitcoin Indicator Might Suggest Bull Run Is Still On

Report Reveals El Salvador Plans For Issuing A Stablecoin

Bitcoin News

81 Countries Are Now Exploring Central Bank Digital Currencies — 5 CBDCs Fully Launched

This Year’s Gallup Poll Findings Suggest 6% of US Investors Own Bitcoin

A Deeper Look Into The Pirate Bay’s Mysterious ‘Piratetoken’ Soft Launch

Irish Banks Hail EU’s ‘Radical’ Anti-Money Laundering Push

Strategist Mike McGlone Believes Bitcoin Can Jump to $60K Resistance vs. $20K Support

Users Criticize Uniswap’s Decision to Remove Over 100 Tokens From Main Interface

Group of Salvadorans Take to the Streets to Protest El Salvador’s New Bitcoin Law

Bitmain to Host Miners in 180-Megawatt Data Center in Kazakhstan

Circle K Deploys Bitcoin ATMs in Stores Across US and Canada — Over 700 Machines Already Installed

IRS Modifies Crypto Question on Tax Form — Now Focusing on Taxable Cryptocurrency Transactions

Amazon To Integrate Bitcoin Payments And Launch Its Own Token By 2022, Insider Confirms

Bank Of America Supposedly Gives Approval For Bitcoin Futures Trading

NFTs In A Nutshell: A Weekly Review

Ethereum Heads Towards 100K Transactions Per Second? Buterin Talks About Post-Merger Future

EQIFI Announces Release of Native Token, EQX, And Other DeFi Products

HunnyPlay: The First Blockchain-Powered Online Gaming Built on BSC Yield Aggregator

DOOR Launches First Decentralized Ad Network in a Big Way

Bitcoin Holders Among Young US Investors More Than Quadrupled, Gallup Poll Says

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In A Flash, Bitcoin Can Become The Default Digital Reserve Currency Of The World

Bitcoin Transfer Volume Now Exceeds $15.8 Trillion

Interview: Fighting For Freedom With Zuby

Antifragility, Bitcoin, and Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

The Hero’s Journey: Authentic Digital IDs For Bitcoin

Bitcoin ATMs Are Popping Up To Meet Demand And Propel Mainstream Adoption

Edge Wealth Management Increases Bitcoin Exposure By Over 40%

Bitcoin Ownership In The U.S. Has Tripled Since 2018, A Gallup Survey Found

Amazon Is Getting Serious About Accepting Bitcoin For Payment

Jack Dorsey to Twitter Shareholders: We Must 'Invest Aggressively' in Bitcoin

Examining Structural Changes To The Bitcoin Derivatives Market

Four Tips For Running A Profitable Lightning Network Node

Interview: Investing With A Bitcoin Mindset

Circle K To Deploy Bitcoin ATMs In Stores Through Partnership With Bitcoin Depot

Can Bitcoin Be Palestine’s Currency Of Freedom?

Global X, Subsidiary Of $560 Billion Investment Manager, Files For Bitcoin ETF

Why Bitcoin Bears Should Beware: A List Of Historical Fails

Analyzing The ₿ Word Virtual Conference

Protecting Your HODL Legacy: Shamir Backups And Inheritance Planning

Bitcoin Optech #158: Why Wallets Should Wait Before Generating Taproot Addresses

Carbon Neutral Hosting Provider To List On Nasdaq Through Merger

An In-Depth Review Of El Salvador

Elon Musk Discusses Merits Of Bitcoin, Reveals SpaceX Holds BTC

Blockstream Announces Greenlight Lightning Node Service

Fintech Firm Upgrade Launches 1.5% Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card

Bitcoin Mining Firm Argo Blockchain Files for US Public Offering

How The DCA Army Will Drive A $1 Million Bitcoin Price

Ark Adds Bitcoin Exposure Again Buying $10 Million Worth of Grayscale Shares This Week

Miners Are Thriving Despite The Bitcoin Price Action

BNY Mellon Joins 6 Major Banks in Backing New Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin For Georgia: How To Use Bitcoin As A Nation!

Bitcoin Exchange FTX Raises $900 Million, Largest Raise In Exchange History

Interview: A New ETF Offering Bitcoin Exposure With Wes Fulford

Rothschild Investment Corp More Than Tripled Its Bitcoin Position

RIGZ ETF Provides Exposure To The Infrastructure Underpinning Bitcoin

EU Proposes Law To KYC All Wallet Transfers

Interview: Why Altcoins Are Not A Threat To Bitcoin With Udi Wertheimer

Why The Treasury Market Signals Trouble

JP Morgan Wealth CEO Says Clients See Bitcoin as Asset Class to Invest In

Charted Territory: The True Value Of One Bitcoin

Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Cathie Wood To Discuss Bitcoin At "The ₿ Word"

Report: Iris Energy Seeking $200 Million Ahead Of Nasdaq Listing

Public Association Wants To Attract Bitcoin Miners To Russia

Stop Trying To Understand Bitcoin

The Coming Rise And Fall Of Central Bank Digital Currencies

The Bitcoin Beach Wallet Special

Is Nuclear Power The Future Of Bitcoin Mining?

A “Digital Dollar” Doesn’t Fix This

JPMorgan Becomes The First Big Bank To Give Retail Clients Access To Bitcoin

The Unbearable Tragedy of The B​​ Word

DeFi Republic

4 Apps Where US Investors Can Buy Dogecoin (DOGE)

The Best Bitcoin, Ethereum and Crypto Faucets — 2021

Wednesday Crypto Market Gainers: SOLO, YFI, ETP, BAL, ANKR

Axie Infinity Kicks Off New PvP Season With Real Gold Rewards

Tuesday Crypto Market Gainers: BAND, REP, ERD, KAVA, MANA

Monday Crypto Market Gainers: SYS, FTM, CELR, VGX, MANA

Ethereum Classic Labs Presents its Third Cohort and its Startups

Actronika Unveils its “Skinetic” Haptic Effects Engine for Game Developers

Mastercard Accelerates Crypto Card Partner Program, Making it Easier for Consumers to Hold and Activate Cryptocurrencies

Sunday Crypto Market Gainers: BAND, BAL, KAVA, LEND, AMPL

Crypto Week in Review: Twitter Cracks Down After Bitcoin (BTC) Scam

Saturday Crypto Market Gainers: BZRX, RLC, RSR, KNC, KAVA

Binance US Lists DeFi Token Kyber Network (KNC)

Friday Crypto Market Gainers: BZRX, AOA, RLC, DUSK, AMPL

Thursday Crypto Market Gainers: MOF, AMPL, ALGO, ETP, ENJ

Teller Raises $1 Million Seed Led by Framework Ventures to Bring Your Credit Score to Blockchain

MVIS CryptoCompare Bitcoin Index Licensed to VSFG/Arrano Capital

Voyager Adds Support for Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Wednesday Crypto Market Gainers: DUSK, BZRX, SNX, ERD, LINK

Rise: Surge of Power MapleStory Summer Update on July 22


Robinhood Eyes Crypto Lending and Staking Services

Indie Game Hides Free Bitcoin For Players

Dfinity's ICP Rises 28% in Weekend Boost

Brazilian Police Seize $33m in Bitcoin Exchange Investigation

Behind the Breakup of FTX and Binance

Bitcoin Climbs 15% After Midweek Crash

Not a Lambo In Sight: 3 Days in Paris with Ethereum's Nouveau Riche

New York Town Wants to Ban Ugly Bitcoin Miners

Gallup Poll: 6% of American Investors Own Bitcoin

Ethrereum DEX Uniswap Drops Tokenized Stocks As Regulators Close In

Roc-A-Fella Cofounder Selling NFT for $10M in Ethereum Amid Jay-Z Lawsuit

Amazon Says It's 'Exploring' Cryptocurrency Payments

How a 12-Year-Old Made Over $160,000 in Ethereum on NFTs in One Day

Bitcoin Ransomware Victim Kaseya Isn't Saying How It Got the Key to Stop Attack

Binance Review: Can the World's Biggest Exchange Still Cut It in 2021?

Binance US Aims to Copy Coinbase ‘Playbook’ and Go Public: Binance CEO CZ

Axie Infinity’s Token AXS Surges to New All-Time High, Again

Bitcoin a 'Key Trend' for Twitter Says CEO Jack Dorsey

What is Axie Infinity? The Play-to-Earn NFT Game Taking Crypto By Storm

Reddit Taps Layer-2 Solution to Scale Its Ethereum-Based Tokens

'Critical Issues' With Thorchain After 2nd Hack in a Week

Ethereum Transition to ETH2 Gets a Formal Improvement Proposal

How Ethereum Miners Could Exploit the Network and How to Fix It

Texas Is Third State This Week to Target BlockFi's Bitcoin Savings Accounts

Elon Musk Inspires Busta Rhymes to Buy Bitcoin—And ‘Look Into’ Ethereum Next

JP Morgan Gives Wealth Management Clients Access to Bitcoin, Ethereum Funds

Damien Hirst’s $20 Million Twist on NFTs 6X Oversubscribed

This 'Ultra High Endurance' Drive Is Specially Designed for Chia Farming

GlobalX Joins Growing List Of U.S. Bitcoin ETF Hopefuls

Dfinity Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Claiming ICP Token Is Unregistered Security

Crypto Password Startup Magic Raises $27M from Alexis Ohanian, Balaji Srinivasan, More

Is It Time to Take Solana Seriously? Latest 'Ethereum Killer' May Be the Real Deal

Cosmos 'Internet of Blockchains' Links Up With DeFi Oracle Band Protocol

Goldman Sachs: 18% of World's Super Rich See Crypto as Inflation Hedge

Alabama Regulators Suggest BlockFi's Bitcoin Accounts Are Unregistered Securities

Stellar Foundation Eyes MoneyGram Takeover

Singapore Offers Crypto a Safe Haven in Turbulent Times

Sam Bankman-Fried: Why I Bought Back Binance's Shares in FTX

El Salvador Bitcoin Law Has Citizens Protesting

Vitalik Buterin Beseeches Ethereum Crowd in Paris to 'Move Beyond DeFi'