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JP Morgan Says Bitcoin Is 25% Below Its Intrinsic Value: Here’s Why It Can Catch Up

Ethereum Close Below $200 Would Make Case for Larger Decline

Bitcoin Price Crosses $9,000: Two Key Reasons Why This Rally Isn’t Sustainable

Bitcoin Must Break $9,100 To Avoid A Major Downtrend: Here’s Why

Over 310,000 Bitcoin has Left Exchanges Since “Black Thursday”

Bitcoin Could Confirm Recent Decline as a “Huge Bear Trap” if It Reclaims $9,200

Active Ethereum Wallet Count Has Grown 350% Since 2018; What This Indicates

Spot-Driven Retail Selling Sparked Sunday’s Bloody Bitcoin Selloff

Old Bitcoin Miner Proves Craig Wright has No Access to 145 Tulip Trust Addresses

BTC Dominance Signals Abrupt End to Crypto Altcoin Season

Bitcoin News

Goldman Sachs Hosting Bitcoin Call as Institutional Interest in Cryptocurrency Surges

Eight Countries That Don’t Tax Your Bitcoin Gains

Over a Hundred 10-Year-Old Bitcoin Addresses Signed: Message Calls ‘Craig Wright a Fraud’ 

BigONE Exchange Unveils Star Program

Bitcoin Cash Tokenization Bolstered by the Creation of an SLP Foundation

John McAfee Announces Privacy Coin – Airdrop Today

This Is Not Capitalism: How Covid-19 Shined a Light on America’s Fascist System

US Real Estate Crisis: Home Sales Plunge to 9-Year Low, Mortgage Delinquencies to Soar Past Great Recession Level

Hacker Attempts to Sell Data Allegedly Tied to Ledger, Trezor, Bnktothefuture Customers

Market Outlook: Golden Cross Invalidated, Andreessen Horowitz Predicts ‘Fourth Crypto Cycle’

XRP Registers Textbook Bullish Sign: Here’s Why It Is Unlikely to Play Out

Bitcoin Whales Accumulate $108M Worth of BTC as Price Dips

Bitcoin, Gold are Not Rising Because of Major Market Manipulation

Bitcoin Derivatives Data: After 15% Crash, BTC Is on the Verge of Recovering

Bitcoin’s Break Below a Key Level has Opened the Gates for a Move to $5,900

Ethereum’s Macro Bear Structure Strengthens as Analysts Eye a Massive Decline

Nearly 10% of Bitcoin’s Current Supply is Dormant; Why This Matters

Sberbank Buys 5,000 Blockchain ATMs as Russia Ponders Criminalizing Crypto Use

China’s Civil Law Could Enable Citizens to Inherit Bitcoin

Bitcoin Magazine

Presenting Bitcoin’s Best During the Halving

How the Lightning Network Will Grow Following Bitcoin’s Third Halving

FastBitcoins Launches Dollar-Cost Averaging Feature

Demo’ing the Best of Bitcoin During the Halving

Podcast: Fiat Money and Intergenerational Conflict

Combining Convenience and Security, TenX Is Expanding Bitcoin Usability

Join Us at the 21-Hour Live Stream

Bull Bitcoin Announces Canadian Dollar Payments on Liquid Through L-CAD

The Need For Trusted Crypto Accounting Solutions, A Goal To Be a Leader in Corporate Governance

What Is Happening to Money?

From SARS to COVID-19: Hong Kong’s Path to an Asia Free Health Zone

With Traditional Markets in Turmoil, AlphaPoint Transforms Assets

5 Tips For Minimizing Your Bitcoin and Crypto Taxes

Japan’s Crypto Garage Is Raising the Bar for Bitcoin-Based Cryptofinance Products

Plugging into C-Lightning: The Future of Lightning Plugins Is Bright

Zero Interest, Limitless Repo and QE4: The Federal Reserve’s Market Operations Explained

Coronavirus, the Halving and a Price Drop: Bitcoin Mining Marches On

The Best Bitcoin Trading Strategies (That Still Work in 2020)

EARN IT: The US Anti-Encryption Bill That Threatens Private Speech Online

A Treatise on Bitcoin and Privacy Part 2: Don’t Be Misled by Red Herrings

“Your Expectations of Privacy Are Too High” (But They Shouldn’t Be)

A Treatise on Bitcoin and Privacy Part 1: A Match Made in the Whitepaper

Bitcoin Fungibility, Mixing and the Legal Limits on Maintaining Privacy

The Bitcoin Mixing Case at the Center of the Fight for Transaction Privacy

India Lifts Crypto Ban, South Korea Imposes New Rules and the US Remains Stagnant

The History and Symbolism Behind Bitcoin’s Logo

How Propaganda Art Can Spread the Message of Bitcoin

Screen Printing, Paralelní Polis and Cryptoanarchy With Martin Fischer

When It Comes to Bitcoin and Art, Let’s Create a Better NFT Experience

POSTPONED: Bitcoin 2020 Is Moving to Q3 2020

Listen: BitcoinTINA on Bitcoin Podcast Series

Amir Taaki on Bitcoin and Building Dissident Technology in 2020

From ISP to P2P: How Mesh Networks Take Bitcoin off the Grid

Privacy Isn’t Radical: How Tor Supports Dissent as a Human Right

What We Can Learn About Lightning From #LNTrustChain2: Part 2

Bitcoin Is the Technology of Dissent That Secures Individual Liberties

CryptoMining.Tools Is Building the Bitcoin Mining Community

How the Lighting Network Could Improve Encrypted Messaging

CoinJoin’s First Steps: How Dark Wallet Paved the Way for a More Private Bitcoin

Welcome to Bitcoin 2020!

Beanie Babies and Black Markets: Where Mainstream Media Gets Bitcoin Wrong

At Unchained Capital, Pioneering Bitcoin Native Financial Services

How the Latest German Regulations Target Bitcoin Exchanges and Custodians

What We Can Learn About Lightning From #LNTrustChain2: Part 1

Despite Utility, Bitcoin Cannot Fix Venezuela

Infographic: An Overview of Compromised Bitcoin Exchange Events – Winter 2020

Why FOSS Development Is Crucial for Bitcoin’s Mainstream Acceptance

How Bitcoin Optech Is Connecting the Open-Source and Corporate Worlds

Microsoft’s ION Is an Open-Source Bet on Bitcoin

The King of Blockchains, Bitcoin Can Become the Foundation for Web 3.0


Memorial Day Crypto Market Gainers: ZIL, VGX, IOST, VET, MANA

Crypto Week in Review: Did Satoshi Move 40 Bitcoin (BTC) From a Dormant Wallet?

Sunday Crypto Market Gainers: TFUEL, THETA, WAX, CEL, STX

OmiseGO (OMG) Rally Continues Following Full Coinbase Listing

Saturday Crypto Market Gainers: ZEN, KNC, FTM, BEAM, THETA

Theta Network’s Two Tokens Have Surged 220% and 300% in the Past Month

Friday Crypto Market Gainers: HC, DGB, QTUM, OMG, NMR

PAC-MAN, the Original Video Game Super Star, Celebrates His 40th Birthday Today

Bay Point Advisors Provides $7.5M DIP Loan to Cryptocurrency Mining Facility in Atlanta

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Retreats After Failing to Break Through $10K Again

Thursday Crypto Market Gainers: WAX, OMG, ENJ, THETA, QQQ

BitOoda Announces First Bitcoin Transaction Fee Swap

Nintendo Download: Will You Be Mine?

Stellar (XLM) Battles for Momentum at Key Resistance Level

Atari’s Crypto Push Continues With Litecoin Foundation Partnership

Hunt. Level. Adapt. Amazon Games Launches Crucible

Wednesday Crypto Market Gainers: STEEM, THETA, ICX, LINK, HBAR

Crypto Brokerage App Voyager Adds Recurring Purchases

Tuesday Crypto Market Gainers: NANO, STEEM, OMG, THETA, MATIC

Immerse Yourself in Sound and Forget the Noise With the Razer Opus


Argentina is cracking down on local Bitcoin trading

Craig Wright labeled “fraud” by Bitcoin addresses he purportedly owns

New DeFi Alliance reveals its first cohort of seven startups

Bitcoin fails to reclaim pre-halving highs, falls below $9,000

Binance launches options trading for Ethereum and XRP

EU data experts working on a blockchain-based coronavirus passport

The open-source community is building medical kit to fight coronavirus

LinkedIn crypto scammers impersonate CEOs of TRON and Ledger

Hacker claims to have stolen data from Ledger, Trezor and KeepKey

The attempted come back of CoinEx, China's forked-Bitcoin exchange

This week in crypto: Steem, Libra and Coinbase

Google's chat app may finally get end-to-end encryption

Bitcoin recovers from failed attempt at $10,000

Bitcoin's energy consumption rivals Israel's, even after halving

Upland taps Second Life tech to sell digital properties for cash

Reddit co-founder discusses how much crypto he owns

Binance turns back on Steem rebels, backs Justin Sun's hard fork

Average Bitcoin transaction fees up over 2,000% in 2020

Nearly $5 billion in Tethers were issued since January. Why?

More Bitcoin than ever was just made private with this technique

WEF will now read you your (blockchain) rights

Bitcoin trading in Africa breaks volume record—again

Joe Montana-backed crypto hedge fund scores major upgrade

Buying Bitcoin with cash in Russia could net prison time, proposes bill

Meet the forensics expert who tracks stolen Bitcoin

Bitcoin boosted by surging interest in CBDCs, says Grayscale

Coinbase once lost $250,000 of Bitcoin in phishing attack

Bitcoin trading by institutions doubled this year on Binance

JP Morgan CEO held secret meetings with Coinbase CEO

Coinbase vs. Binance: The battle for crypto's soul

This is why XRP's price has been crushed—and is struggling to rise

Bitcoin Pizza Day 2020: How two Papa John's pies became famous

Bitcoin stolen in a $72 million hack just started moving

The Steem saga is really a battle over how to decentralize

Here’s what happened to those Satoshi-era Bitcoins—so far

Billboard calling for Silk Road founder’s release appears in Times Square

Samsung Galaxy phones to bring crypto-enabled esports streaming to millions

Venezuelan startup Glufco aims to build an all-in-one crypto ecosystem

You can now bet on Bitcoin or Ethereum with this new “priceless” token

Blockstack launches non-profit to decentralize its network