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XRP Sees Massive Retrace, But Analysts Remain Optimistic

Time To Pay Attention: Where The Bitcoin Bull Market Correction Might End

Bitcoin Liquidation Data Suggest Recent Crypto Rally Wasn’t Driven by Retail Buyers

What Happens to Bitcoin After Big Short-Term Correction? On-Chain Analyst Explains

Bitcoin Parabola Fractal Shows Its Potential to Retest $20K; Here’s Why

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Fell From $19,500 YTD High

Charted: Ripple (XRP) Retreats Sharply, $0.50 Is The Key For Next Increase

TA: Ethereum Starts Corrective Decrease, Why Recovery Could Be Limited

Bitcoin Wicks to $17,100 Amid 14% Pre-Thanksgiving Crash

TA: Bitcoin Price Corrects 5%, Why Bulls Are Still Comfortable

Bitcoin News

Spending Sats: A Look at This Year’s Bitcoin Black Friday Deals

Ideaology’s IEO Ushers the Launch of Blockchain Platform for Innovators

Mike Novogratz: Everyone Should Put 2% to 3% of Their Net Worth in Bitcoin

Market Update: Crypto Prices Drop Fast, Bitcoin Loses $2K, Correction Considered Healthy

Former Microsoft Engineer Says Nigerian Expatriates Are Using Bitcoin to Circumvent Country’s Overvalued Exchange Rate

ZK International Subsidiary xSigma Introduces New Defi Project

Asset Manager Vaneck Launches Physically-Backed Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Note

New Research Suggests Satoshi Nakamoto Lived in London Creating Bitcoin

Lithuania Rakes in 6.4 Million Euros From Selling Seized Cryptocurrencies

Major Australian Investment Firm Moves From Gold to Bitcoin

Why One Analyst Claims This Latest Ethereum Selloff is an Ideal Buying Opportunity

Jelurida Announces Blockchain-based Bridge Strategy Game

Mass Carnage: Bitcoin Bulls Face $750m in Liquidations During Latest Selloff

Milestone $400 Million Trading Volume Achieved On MXC Exchange Leveraged ETF Following Crypto Breakout

Bitcoin Could Face Deeper Correction After Dropping $2,000 From Highs

Bitcoin Expects to Resume Price Rally on Foggy FOMC Minutes

Bitcoin Falls as Mnuchin [Reportedly] Plans to Regulate Private Wallets

Bulls Beware: Ethereum is Breaking a Crucial Trendline for the First Time in Weeks

Bitcoin Pushes Towards Highs as Spot Market Gains Full Control

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Black Friday Is Back On November 27!

Video: The Inevitable Path For Central Banks

Celebrate Bitcoin Black Friday, Propel The Bitcoin Circular Economy

Video: “The Fiat Standard” With Saifedean Ammous

It’s Time To Join The Bitcoin Circular Economy

Video: Coordinating Bitcoin Upgrades With Poolin’s Alejandro De La Torre

Video: Securing Bitcoin With Zach Herbert Of Foundation Devices

The Virtuous Cycle of Bitcoin Giving

HASHR8 Assesses The World Of Bitcoin Mining With Launch Of Index Reports

John Newbery’s New Nonprofit Brink Will Train And Support Bitcoin Developers

Everything You Need to Use Bitcoin Safely, From Beginner to Expert

Video: Nick Szabo, Adam Back And David Chaum On The History Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, Blockchain Entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle Dies At 50

How Will The U.S. Presidential Election Affect The Bitcoin Price?

Cynthia Lummis Is Bringing Bitcoin To The U.S. Senate

What Ray Dalio Is Missing About Bitcoin

New Zealand’s Past, Pūtea and Future: CBDC Vs. Bitcoin

Bitcoin Responds To American Vote Of No Confidence In Electoral Politics

Video: Bitcoin For The Masses With Alex Adelman Of Lolli

Video: Digital Euro, Central Bank Digital Currencies And Bitcoin

Palling Up To Crypto: Could PayPal’s Bitcoin Accommodation Lead To Widespread Adoption?

Bitcoin’s Market Cap Hits All-Time High

As Red And Blue Debate, Green Printer And Orange Coin Always Win

Poolin Launches Initiative To Activate Taproot, Encouraging Other Mining Pools To Join

Video: Bitcoin Eclipse Attacks And How To Solve For Them

Multisig Coordination Software Nunchuk Releases Its Code

Bitcoin Cash Might Split Again This Weekend. This Is Why (And How)

Hodl Hodl Brings Non-Custodial, Bitcoin-Backed Lending Service To U.S.

As Governments Seek Encryption Backdoors, Bitcoin Becomes Critical

“Unannounced” Ethereum Hard Fork Proves Not All Blockchain Networks Are Built The Same

Video: What Does The U.S. Election Mean For Bitcoin?

Here’s A Chance To HODL 1 BTC With Bitcoin Black Friday

Video: Bitcoin Is A Necessity, With Aleks Svetski

When Bitcoin Melts The System, Prosperity Steps In

Video: Valiu And Protecting Wealth In South America

New North American Mining Pool Bets On Region And Regulatory Compliance

Don’t Fall For The Biggest Mistake In Bitcoin

Following One Decade Of Growth, DeFi Could Guide Bitcoin’s Next

Video: Open Timestamps: Leveraging Bitcoin’s Security For All Data

Government Seizes 69,730 Bitcoin ($1 Billion) Tied To Silk Road

Because Bitcoin Is A Necessity, Its Economy Will Be Circular

How Bitcoin Shakes The Energy Industry

Outlining The Future Of Low Bandwidth Bitcoin

Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Announced, Focusing On Privacy Ahead Of Mass Adoption

Video: Calculating Base Money With Matthew Mežinskis

Is Iran Becoming A Bitcoin Nation?

How Do Seasonal Fluctuations Really Affect Bitcoin Mining?

Video: “Cypherpunks Write Code” And The Precursors Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Reddit Roundup October 2020

Video: Erebus Attacks And How To Stop Them With ASMAP

DeFi Republic

Wednesday Crypto Market Gainers: SOLO, YFI, ETP, BAL, ANKR

Axie Infinity Kicks Off New PvP Season With Real Gold Rewards

Tuesday Crypto Market Gainers: BAND, REP, ERD, KAVA, MANA

Monday Crypto Market Gainers: SYS, FTM, CELR, VGX, MANA

Ethereum Classic Labs Presents its Third Cohort and its Startups

Actronika Unveils its “Skinetic” Haptic Effects Engine for Game Developers

Mastercard Accelerates Crypto Card Partner Program, Making it Easier for Consumers to Hold and Activate Cryptocurrencies

Sunday Crypto Market Gainers: BAND, BAL, KAVA, LEND, AMPL

Crypto Week in Review: Twitter Cracks Down After Bitcoin (BTC) Scam

Saturday Crypto Market Gainers: BZRX, RLC, RSR, KNC, KAVA

Binance US Lists DeFi Token Kyber Network (KNC)

Friday Crypto Market Gainers: BZRX, AOA, RLC, DUSK, AMPL

Thursday Crypto Market Gainers: MOF, AMPL, ALGO, ETP, ENJ

Teller Raises $1 Million Seed Led by Framework Ventures to Bring Your Credit Score to Blockchain

MVIS CryptoCompare Bitcoin Index Licensed to VSFG/Arrano Capital

Voyager Adds Support for Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Wednesday Crypto Market Gainers: DUSK, BZRX, SNX, ERD, LINK

Rise: Surge of Power MapleStory Summer Update on July 22

Core Scientific Acquires Atrio, Strengthening Its AI Capabilities as the Cloud for Data Scientists™

Kraken Lists 3 DeFi Tokens: Compound (COMP), Kava (KAVA) and Kyber Network (KNC)


Bitcoin Stored on Exchanges Falls to Two-Year Low

Here Are the Best Bitcoin Black Friday Deals for 2020

Nigeria Is Emerging as a True Bitcoin Nation

Here's Where Bitcoin's Satoshi Nakamoto May Have Lived

Russia to Recognize Digital Financial Assets as Property

Tether Hits $19 Billion in Total Assets

7 Things Crypto Ought Not to Be Thankful for in 2020

Wealthy Buyer Spends $400,000 in Bitcoin on a Yacht

7 Things Crypto Ought to Be Thankful for in 2020

What Caused the Bitcoin Market Meltdown?

Oracle Exploit Sees $89 Million Liquidated on Compound

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Bet Loses $100 Million in a Single Day

$262 Million in Bitcoin Longs Were Liquidated in Just One Hour

Coinbase Suffers Issues Due to AWS Outage

What Is Filecoin and How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Crashes As Market Correction Wipes Billions From Market Cap

Number of Bitcoin Whales Hits All-time High

XRP Price Crashes 20%, Reversing Huge Market Rally

Oxford, Cambridge Students Compete to Make Money on Crypto Markets

Libra Hires New General Counsel for Payments Subsidiary

Wrapped Filecoin Comes to DeFi on Ethereum

US Intelligence Community is Worried About China’s Digital Currency

Bitcoin's Logo: The Story of the Big Orange “B”

Can China's DCEP Challenge Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Miners Earn $353 Million in One Month

Major YouTuber Invests $100,000 Into Bitcoin, Ethereum

$49 Billion Fund Manager Launches Bitcoin ETN in Europe

South Korea May Postpone Crypto Taxation Until 2022

Investors in Fear and Awe As Bitcoin Nears All Time Highs

Over 700,000 ETH Locked up for Ethereum 2.0—Worth $425 Million

Bitcoin Accelerates Gab's Monthly Revenue to $100,000

How To Buy Ethereum With PayPal

What Is Bitcoin's Actual All-time High Price?

Coinbase, Citing Regulations, Ends Margin Trading Services

Coinbase Scraps Bitcoin Tax Form That Led Users to Overpay

Bitcoin Is Rallying Like Never Before—And It’s Getting Cheaper to Use

Stellar Price Spikes 60% as Altcoins Ride the Bitcoin Boom

Why Is Bitcoin Price Rising? Here Are 5 Key Reasons

Flash Loan Attacks on DeFi Will Get Worse, Warns Chainlink Co-founder

Bitcoin Trading on Binance Breaks All-Time High