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Cryptocurrency Headlines From Around The Net


Anthony Scaramucci Reveals Buying Crypto During Crash, Suggests Staying Disciplined

Decentralized DAO, EarthFund Launches To Promote Simple & Democratized Funding for World-Changing Causes

TA: Ethereum Reverse Gains, Why ETH Could Dive Below $1K

TA: Bitcoin Remains In Downtrend, Risk of Drop Below $20K

XRP Continues To Move Laterally, Does It Have A Bearish Target Now?

Bitcoin Funding Rates Remain Negative But Open Interest Tells Another Story

Is The Bitcoin Halving The Key For A BTC Price Bottom?

Circle, The Company Behind The USDC Stablecoin, Announces Euro Coin

Bitcoin Exchange Reserve Spikes Up, Selloff Not Over Yet?

These Are The 3 Levels Bitcoin Must Hold To Avoid Doom

Bitcoin News

Colombian Financial Superintendence Prepares Norms for Crypto Transactions

Study: 7.6 Million South Africans Are Crypto Investors, Social Media Main Source of Crypto-Related Information

Kazakhstan Allows Registered Crypto Exchanges to Open Accounts at Local Banks

Bastyon Crypto Social Network Integrates TOR Network and Releases Post Advertising for Pocketcoin (PKOIN)

Rock Legend Gene Simmons Owns 14 Cryptocurrencies — ‘I Have Not Sold a Single Position Since the Downturn’

Billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach Says He Wouldn’t Be Surprised at All if Bitcoin Falls to $10K

Crypto Payments Possible if They Don’t Penetrate Russia’s Financial System, Central Bank Says

Metaverse Project GensoKishi Online Holds 2nd NFT Auction

Circle Launches Second Major Stablecoin Backed 1:1 by the Euro

Report: Celsius Hires Citigroup to Help the Startup Find ‘Potential Financing’

YGG And Merit Circle DAO Evade Legal Tussle Securing A Settlement

CoinEx Charity Book Donation Worldwide | Special Gifts for International Children’s Day with Over 10000 Books

Bank For International Settlements Explains MEV & Ethereum Market Manipulation

Tag Heuer Launched A New Feature, NFT Display On Watches

Kazakhstan Will Now Allow Crypto Exchanges To Have Their Bank Accounts

Public Bitcoin Miners Struggle To Keep Up With Difficulty As BTC Production Declines

Is Elon Musk Part Of A Dogecoin Pyramid Scheme? $258B Lawsuit Claims So

Web3 Still ‘Mega-Mega Bullish’ Despite Crypto Mayhem, Polygon Co-Founder Says

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Mining Could Be The Answer To Nigeria’s Inflationary Crisis

Bitcoin Price Analysis And Macro Overview

Price Controls Don’t Work Even Under Penalty of Death

Bitcoin Miner Mawson Infrastructure Produced 185 Bitcoin In Record-Breaking May

Swimming Naked: Don't Trust Custodians As The Bitcoin Price Falls

SEC Commissioner: The Regulatory Agency Should ‘Stop Denying’ Spot Bitcoin ETFs

Pressure Mounts On SEC To Reconsider Spot Bitcoin ETF

New Political Fundraising Platform For Bitcoin, Crypto Set To Launch In July

JETCOOL Technologies To Release New Form Of Liquid Cooling For Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin Magazine Partners With BitMEX To Bring High Quality Content To The Community

Spanish Airline Vueling To Accept Bitcoin Payments

CleanSpark, TMGcore Partner For Immersion-Cooled Bitcoin Mining

Going Down With The Ship: Bitcoin Or Nothing

Bitcoin Is The Language Of The Internet

Bitcoin Erases Losses As Fed Raises Interest Rates By 0.75% In Largest Hike Since 1994

The Anniversary Of El Salvador’s Bitcoin Legal Tender Announcement

Bitcoin Lightning Network Hackathon By BOLT FUN Begins June 16

End The Fed And Opt Out With Bitcoin

Brazilian Congressman Sees Bitcoin As Transformative For The Country

MicroStrategy CEO Sheds Margin Call Woes As Bitcoin Nears $21,000

Has The Bitcoin Hash Rate Gotten Too High?

Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Releases, Focuses On Optimizing Accessibility For Coinjoining

Proof-Of-Work Is Objective, Proof-Of-Stake Is Not

Bitcoin’s Trustless Nature Adds Trust To The Internet

Bitcoin On The Moon

Celsius Halts Bitcoin Withdrawals: What Went Wrong?

Bitcoin Songsheet: Like Altcoins, Startups Are New Money Magnets

Bitcoin Falls Below $23K, Celsius Network Pauses Withdrawals

Why Bitcoin Mining Is Taking Off In The Lone Star State

The Dollar Has Been Inflating Against Bitcoin Since 2011

El Salvador's Bitcoin Bretton Woods Conference

The Bitcoin Policy Institute Helps Shape Political Discourse

The Bitcoin Law Announcement Was A Special Day In History

Silent Payments Improve Privacy Without Adding Data To Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s Energy Use is a Feature Not a Bug

Bitcoin Needs To Be More Private For Adoption

Reviewing Privacy-Enhancing Proposals For Bitcoin

Jack Dorsey’s TBD Presents Bitcoin-Based Decentralized Web5

The State Of Lightning Network Adoption

Bitcoin’s Role In The Recent Digital Asset Regulation

Inflation Hits Unexpected 40-Year High Of 8.6% As Bitcoin Holds $29,500

With Bitcoin Price Slipping, Are Miner Selloffs To Blame?

Luxury Retailer Farfetch To Accept Bitcoin Payments

Analyzing The Current Bitcoin Market Cycle

The Academic Suppression And Ignoring Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Shows You — It Does Not Tell You

To The Bitcoin Skeptics, Are You Sure You Figured It Out?

Blockware Estimates 10% Global Bitcoin Adoption By 2030: Report

From Bernie To Bitcoin: Fix The Money

Bitcoin Is Venice: An Immense Laboratory Of Trial And Error