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Ethereum Rallies 20% But Fails To Surpass 100-day SMA

This Crypto Could Rally 40% in Coming Days After a Highly Bullish Breakout

What’s Next For Bitcoin Price After It Just Reclaimed $7,300?

Bitcoin Price ‘Floor’ to Jump to $7-8K Post Halving

Bitcoin on Track to Form Historic “V-Reversal” as Bulls Surmount $7,000

Double Dragon: Is Ethereum Ready For Violent Reversal?

Ethereum Explodes 15% Higher: What’s Behind The Sudden Surge?

Rough Week Ahead, Correlation With Stock Market Could Be Deadly for Bitcoin

Ethereum On Cusp of Explosive Move After Confirming Bullish Formation

A Chilling 40% Stocks Drop Warning May Rattle Crypto Market News

Bitcoin Price Will Go Up as Only Profitable Miners Remain: Data Analyst

Investigating Digital Assets in Japan Stymied by Nature of Crypto

BitMEX Operator Gives $400K Sponsorship to Cybersecurity Nonprofit

Bitcoin Price Rallies Higher but Must Hit $8K to Start a Bull Market

Most of China’s DLT Firms That Closed in 2019 Were Scams or Poorly Planned

Major Chinese Mining Pool Drops out of BTC Mining Race, Looking to Altcoins

Tezos Co-Founder Hints That Her Trading Card Game Will Use Alternative Blockchain

Price Analysis April 6: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, XTZ, LEO

Ethereum Creator Picks Two Worst Bull and Bear BTC Predictions Ever Made

Rune Christensen: ‘Our Job Is to Support Whatever the Maker Community Decides’

Researchers Design Blockchain-Based Digital Court In Japan

Charities Are Turning to Bitcoin Amid the Global Fight Against Coronavirus

Nestlé Rises to DLT Challenge, Expands IBM Food Trust Blockchain Tool to Coffee

US Congressional Watchdog Quietly Reveals DLT Prototype Development

Bitcoin Hashrate Increases ⅓ in 2 Days — Will BTC Price Follow?

Q&A: What is Prime Brokerage, and Will it Gain Traction in Crypto?

Kraken Appoints SAFT Architect Marco Santori as Chief Legal Officer

Roger Ver Trashes Bitcoin.​com Coronavirus Layoff Claims as ‘More Bcash FUD’

Ethereum Co-Founder: Finding Satoshi Is Like Finding a Malware Author

Celsius Lists Libra Challenger for 9.9% Potential Interest

New Zealand Financial Regulator Warns Public About ‘Profit Bitcoin’ Scam

Coronavirus Encourages CBDC Developments: Deutsche Bank Strategist

Q3 Crypto Ponzi Victims File Class Action Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo

Bitcoin Scam on YouTube Masquerades as Coinbase CEO AMA

Blockin Launches Bitcoin Explorer With Detailed Fee Guidance

Argo Blockchain Defies COVID-19, Mines Record Levels of Bitcoin in Q1 2020

Steem Soft Forks to Freeze 17.6M Tokens Held by Former Witnesses

The New Land of Crypto Fundraising Is in Asia and Europe, Says PwC

Bitcoin Price Textbook Breakout Pattern May Trigger Big Rally to $8.5K

Vonage Co-Founder Launches Decentralized Videochat App to Battle Zoom

Bitcoin News

Hyperbitcoinization: Visions of Bitcoin Fueling the Post Covid-19 Shadow Economy

Blind Faith in S2F Models: Analysts Question Measuring Bitcoin’s Price With Stock-to-Flow

2 American Banks Have Failed Since Coronavirus Started Spreading in the US

Sensorium’s Senso Token Lists on the Top Ten HitBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki: Dollar Is Dying, Buy Bitcoin

Regulatory Roundup: 10 Countries Actively Regulating Cryptocurrency Despite Global Crisis’s Cashfusion Fund Exceeds Goal: $100K Raised for Bitcoin Cash Privacy

ICO Crackdown: 11 Class-Action Lawsuits Filed Against Cryptocurrency Companies

Where to Buy Bitcoin in India: Cryptocurrency Exchanges Lower Their Fees Gaming Site Launches Covid-19 Relief Fund – Donating 20% House Edge to Healthcare Efforts


Coinhouse Wins First Crypto License From French Regulator

Nestlé Partners With Rainforest Alliance to Trace Coffee Beans

China Is Winning the Coronavirus Information War

How Disruption Makes Humanity Stronger, Feat. Emerson Spartz

China Will ‘Undoubtedly’ Pursue Digital Yuan, Central Bank Says

Blockchain Bites: Major Crypto Players Sued, Steem Froze Accounts and More

Zoom Has Privacy Issues, Here Are Some Alternatives

Kraken Hires Lawyer Marco Santori to Ramp Up Acquisitions

Bitcoin News Roundup for April 6, 2020

Digital Assets Are More Recession-Proof Than You Might Think

Introducing CoinDesk’s All-New Newsletters

South Korean Central Bank Accelerates Digital Currency Pilot to Keep Up With Other Nations

Bitcoin, Equities Markets Rally on Signs of Hope

Poloniex’s New Tron-Powered IEO Platform Moves Exchange Closer to Justin Sun’s Orbit

Shyft Network to Build FATF-Compliant ‘Identity Layer’ for Polkadot

First Mover: Trillions in Coronavirus Stimulus Bring Out the Bitcoin Bulls

Major Crypto Firms Including Binance, Civic, Tron Targeted in Flood of Lawsuits

Crypto Long & Short: Is Bitcoin More Like Gold or Equities?

Victims Accuse Wells Fargo Subsidiary of Turning Blind Eye to $35M Crypto Ponzi

Revolut Expands Crypto Offering – But Not in the US

BitMEX Donates $400,000 to Cyber Security Organisation

Bitcoin Investment Vastly Higher Than Assumed, New Data Suggests

Microsoft Warning – Hospitals Vulnerable to Bitcoin Ransomware

Nintendo Switch Game Pulled Over Cryptojacking Concerns

Crypto Industry Not ‘Immune’ to Global Crisis, PwC Says

Bank of Korea Begins Central Bank Digital Currency Rollout

Bitcoin Follows Pre-Bull Run Pattern That Sent Amazon Stocks Soaring

Bitcoin has Maintained it’s Value Compared to Gold and Stocks: Analysis

Will Bitcoin Price Hit $70,000 Post Halving?

Bitcoin Magazine

Bull Bitcoin Announces Canadian Dollar Payments on Liquid Through L-CAD

What Is Happening to Money?

From SARS to COVID-19: Hong Kong’s Path to an Asia Free Health Zone

With Traditional Markets in Turmoil, AlphaPoint Transforms Assets

5 Tips For Minimizing Your Bitcoin and Crypto Taxes

Plugging into C-Lightning: The Future of Lightning Plugins Is Bright

Japan’s Crypto Garage Is Raising the Bar for Bitcoin-Based Cryptofinance Products

The King of Blockchains, Bitcoin Can Become the Foundation for Web 3.0

Zero Interest, Limitless Repo and QE4: The Federal Reserve’s Market Operations Explained

Coronavirus, the Halving and a Price Drop: Bitcoin Mining Marches On

The Best Bitcoin Trading Strategies (That Still Work in 2020)

A Treatise on Bitcoin and Privacy Part 2: Don’t Be Misled by Red Herrings

EARN IT: The US Anti-Encryption Bill That Threatens Private Speech Online

A Treatise on Bitcoin and Privacy Part 1: A Match Made in the Whitepaper

“Your Expectations of Privacy Are Too High” (But They Shouldn’t Be)

The Bitcoin Mixing Case at the Center of the Fight for Transaction Privacy

Bitcoin Fungibility, Mixing and the Legal Limits on Maintaining Privacy

India Lifts Crypto Ban, South Korea Imposes New Rules and the US Remains Stagnant

The History and Symbolism Behind Bitcoin’s Logo

Screen Printing, Paralelní Polis and Cryptoanarchy With Martin Fischer

How Propaganda Art Can Spread the Message of Bitcoin

When It Comes to Bitcoin and Art, Let’s Create a Better NFT Experience

POSTPONED: Bitcoin 2020 Is Moving to Q3 2020

Listen: BitcoinTINA on Bitcoin Podcast Series

Amir Taaki on Bitcoin and Building Dissident Technology in 2020

From ISP to P2P: How Mesh Networks Take Bitcoin off the Grid

Privacy Isn’t Radical: How Tor Supports Dissent as a Human Right

What We Can Learn About Lightning From #LNTrustChain2: Part 2

Bitcoin Is the Technology of Dissent That Secures Individual Liberties

CryptoMining.Tools Is Building the Bitcoin Mining Community

How the Lighting Network Could Improve Encrypted Messaging

Welcome to Bitcoin 2020!

CoinJoin’s First Steps: How Dark Wallet Paved the Way for a More Private Bitcoin

Beanie Babies and Black Markets: Where Mainstream Media Gets Bitcoin Wrong

At Unchained Capital, Pioneering Bitcoin Native Financial Services

How the Latest German Regulations Target Bitcoin Exchanges and Custodians

What We Can Learn About Lightning From #LNTrustChain2: Part 1

Despite Utility, Bitcoin Cannot Fix Venezuela

Infographic: An Overview of Compromised Bitcoin Exchange Events – Winter 2020

Why FOSS Development Is Crucial for Bitcoin’s Mainstream Acceptance

How Bitcoin Optech Is Connecting the Open-Source and Corporate Worlds

Microsoft’s ION Is an Open-Source Bet on Bitcoin

For Square Crypto, the Way to Bitcoin Mass Adoption Is Open Source

Infographic: Who Has Funded Bitcoin Core Development?

AI-Managed Bitcoin Trading Accounts Show Significant ROI

The Potential and the Reality of Bitcoin Charity

Bitcoin and Entrepreneurial Philanthropy: A Q&A With Paxful CEO Ray Youssef

When Disaster Strikes, Bitcoin Facilitates Organized Charity and Grassroots Giving

For the Tony Hawk Foundation, Bitcoin Is Radical. And That’s the Point

Bitcoin100: How Some Early Bitcoiners Spread Bitcoin Adoption With Charity


Here’s Why Ethereum (ETH) Will Continue to Outperform Bitcoin (BTC) This Week

Monday Crypto Market Gainers: MATIC, EOS, XLM, ETH, ZEC

The Sandbox Brings in 3,400 Ethereum (ETH) in Its Third LAND Presale

Sunday Crypto Market Gainers: ECHO, ZIL, BTT, TRX, MKR

This Bitcoin (BTC) Chart Shows More Pain Could Be Ahead

Crypto Week in Review: Tether (USDT) Adds $2 Billion to Its Market Cap

Saturday Crypto Market Gainers: FLG, NANO, VSYS, ALGO, ENJ

Voyager Completes Its Acquisition of Circle Invest

IGN To Deliver Global Online Summer of Gaming Event

Friday Crypto Market Gainers: STEEM, STRAT, ZEN, XMR, NANO

BitHull Overtakes ASIC Market with New FPGA Miners

Binance US’s New Referral Program Pays up to 40% of Trading Fees

Bitcoin (BTC) Briefly Rallies Above $7K Despite Abysmal Unemployment Numbers

3 Blockchain Games to Try While You’re Quarantined From the Coronavirus

Thursday Crypto Market Gainers: SXP, NEX, NANO, SNX, CEL

Pick a Side and Scramble Your Starfighters in Star Wars™: Starfighter Missions!

Wednesday Crypto Market Gainers: MOF, MKR, ICX, QNT, VGX

Binance Reportedly Eyeing CoinMarketCap in Massive Acquisition Deal

Tuesday Crypto Market Gainers: STRAT, WAVES, REN, NEX, CELR

CoinEx and Simplex Form Global Partnership to Offer Credit Card Payments of Cryptocurrencies


Stocks, crypto start the week off with a big boost

Bank of Korea is now piloting its own digital currency

Tron-based IEO platform launches amid securities lawsuit

Ethereum price surges 16 percent within hours

Kraken hires coauthor of controversial SAFT whitepaper to lead legal team

ConsenSys Health seeks Web 3 ways to stop COVID-19

Vitalik Buterin to speak at Ethereal Virtual Summit in May

Ethereum 2.0 scammers emerge before blockchain is even built

Roger Ver says only cut 10% of its workforce

Gemini is adding Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Tokyo researchers create a digital court for the digital age

The Bitcoin mining mystery over Nintendo's Cooking Mama: Cookstar

Digital currency is the future, says Deutsche Bank strategist

Bitcoin price breaks back above $7,000

What is WBTC?

The ticking time bomb of ICO class-action suits

A look at China’s most prolific crypto venture firm

Ethereum co-founder narrows down identity of Satoshi Nakamoto

Tor reports 20% of individual donations come via crypto

This week in crypto: coronavirus quarantines, pizza, and Binance

Dark web marketplace bans sale of fake COVID-19 vaccines for Bitcoin

Coldcard Mk3 wallet review: Maximum security for your Bitcoin

Report: March was a record-breaking month for crypto exchanges

Bitcoin up 70% from COVID-crash as Dow suffers worst Q1 ever

Class-action lawsuits filed against 11 crypto companies

First US bank falls amid coronavirus recession

Xapo moves $633 million Bitcoin for less than a pint of milk

Cryptanalyst decrypts file containing keys to $300,000 in Bitcoin

How Blockchain interoperability could bring Bitcoin to DeFi

Blue Wallet taps Hodl Hodl for private P2P Bitcoin trading

Auburn RFID Lab works with Nike to combat counterfeits

Investors want money back from alleged $33 million crypto fraud

Bitcoiners push for mass privacy on Satoshi’s birthday

Stocks and Bitcoin go opposite directions for week

This is Bitcoin’s moment, says Virgin Galactic chairman

The 7 best virtual crypto conferences and where to find them

Crypto economy surprisingly resilient to Coronavirus crisis

Google and Facebook release data to tackle coronavirus

Why Netflix's Money Heist makes the case for Bitcoin

Coronavirus stimulus payments set to take months