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Disclaimer:These links are listed here as a courtesy. The Dood tries to verify every link listed, and tries to make sure they are for legitimate companies and offers. I use many of these links on a daily basis myself, however, it's not possible to purchase something from every company listed here or use every service. If The Dood uses the company or service, it will be noted. If for any reason you are treated unfairly by any company listed here, please email a complaint to and your grievance will be reviewed and if The Dood feels it is justified the link will be removed from the directory. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE SENDING ANY COMPANY BITCOIN OR YOUR HARD EARNED CASH! The Dood will not be held responsible for any loss incurred from using this directory

Name Type Description Website

All Things Decentral

Retail Really cool shop catering to all things bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Hardware wallets, t-shirts, chips, hats and much more.

Anonymous Ads

Income Anonymous Ads pays you in bitcoin for your advertising space. The Dood uses this advertising service on his site and has had nothing but success with the program. The link supplied is a referral link. You can also purchase ad campaigns for your business with bitcoin.


Retail Ascents sells bitcoin stickers and sweater.


Research Price, cryptocurrency market data, news and more.

Bitcoin Dood's Webdesign

Web Service Like this site? The Dood builds websites. Message me for a quote. Web Design By The Dood

Bitcoin Web Hosting

Web Service Just like the name says. Bitcoin Web Hosting accepts bitcoin for their hosting services. Plenty of packages and prices to choose from. If you're looking for a web hosting company that respects your privacy and also accepts bitcoin, look no further.

Bitcoin Who's Who

Research Allows you to look up a bitcoin address and gives detailed information on it like transaction history, and the url's and businesses it is associated with. Really cool service, The Dood uses this one often.

Wallet Bitcoin blockchain explorer and online bitcoin wallet.

Retail I've shopped here. Great products! Apparel, accessories, graphics and more. Awesome designs, great prices and quick shipping. Dood approved!


Service CodaCoin is a webiste full of all kinds of interesting bitcoin related tools. Features tools like QR code validators, live price index, address lookups and other interesting tools. CodaCoin

Cloud Mining Monitor

Research Cloud Mining Monitor compares the most profitable cloud mining solutions for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Coin Dance

Research Coin Dance offers community-driven Bitcoin statistics. You can find all kinds of stats on volume, google trends, nodes, bitcoin politics, block reports and more. If you're into nerdy statistics and love looking over a good chart, then this is the site for you. Coin.Dance

Coin Marketcap

Research Crypto-Currency market capitalizations. Shows the market cap, price, available supply, 24 hour volume and more. Great site to study charts and see whats happening in the world of altcoins and cryptocurrency


Research Coin360 is an interactive infographics that was created to show the size of capitalization and rates, the number of cryptocurrencies on different dates.

Research Coooins is a research portal to filled will a treasure trove of information on the most popular crypotcurrencies. Research the most popular cryptocurrencies and chill!

Service Love chatting about cryptocurrency and meeting like minded people? The all-in-one Crypto Chat that fulfills all your daily Crypto Chat needs. Get the latest on development, Crypto gossip and inside information. If you decide to join make sure to join The Dood's room and pop in and introduce yourself :)

Directory Really great global directory of bitcoin links and services. Click on a map to find vendors, categorized listing, events and much more happening in your area. This is a really impressive site!

Research A directory of influencial crypto personalities and businesses.

Service Recently acquired by Kraken. Watch various cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Dash, litecoin, and Ethereum in real time. Great charts and multiple exchanges like Bitfinex, Gemini, Bitstamp, Kraken, and many more.

The Daily Hodl

News A cryptocurrency news site reporting the latest headlines in the cryptocurrency space. The Daily Hodl

Research Directory listing of dead shitcoins and altcoins.

Wallet The Dogecoin version of Online blockexplorer and web wallet for the Dogecoin community.

Eternity Wall

Service Post a message to the Eternity Wall and it will be forever saved on the blockchain. Eternity Wall

Ether Price

Service Calculator site that breaks down the price of Ether to USD BTC and various other denominations. Also offers several other denominations of cryptocurrency


Service Have you ever wondered how much bitcoin was being purchased and used in any given minute. On Fiat Leak you can watch the world currencies flow into BTC in realtime. This is a really cool site to check out and really puts the growth of bitcoin into perspective.

History Of Bitcoin

Service This site is a timeline of bitcoin related history up to 2014. If you're looking for the early history of bitcoin, this site covers the very beginning.

Live Coin Watch

Research A directory of coins listed by market cap. Live Coin Watch


Directory This is another really cool global directory platform for the cryptocurrency community. Select your area and see what's happening in your local cryptocurrency community.

Masternodes Online

Research Directory of coins that offer masternodes.


Retail OpenBazaar is a decentralized online market place that allows you to buy and sell goods and services for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through Just download the software, install it, and set up a user account. Very cool site with a lot of great vendors selling realy cool products for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Retail Peerhub is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell all sorts of products online for STEEM cryptocurrency. Products range from toys, tech, fashion, collectibles and so much more. This is a great place to spend all that STEEM you made blogging on Steemit or earn a little STEEM selling products online.


Service Bitcoin price calculator. Site lets you calculate the price of bitcoin and convert satoshi denominations into USD.


Service Web portal like google & duck duck go for searching the web. Users are paid in PRE tokens for using the site. Here's a referral code if you decided to sign up and want to help support this site.


Wallet PoSWallet is an online wallet and staking pool with over 75 different POS (proof of stake) coins supported. You can stake OKcash, BitBean, Reddcoin, BlackCoin and many others. The Dood loves this site and uses it himself. Disclosure: Link is an affiliate link and The Dood hodls a small amount of PoSW Coin.

Smart Store

Retail Really cool online store that sells electronics and other retail goods. Affordable prices, nice selection of products and they accept bitcoin!

Satoshi Box

Income is a site that allows you to sell your digital downloads for bitcoin. Simply upload your file, set the price for your download, add the bitcoin address you want to use to recieve payment and then submit. Perfect for ebooks, pdf's, graphic packs, web templates and anything else you can sell in a digital format.

Troll Store

Retail Great store selling stuff for Trollcoin! The Dood loves Trollcoin :) The Troll Store