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Update, what’s happening?

It’s been awhile since I posted here! It’s coming I promise… I’ve been super busy updating the website and getting my design business set up and situated. The design business still has a long way to go. In the meantime I’ve been updating this site, and working on all kinds of new features.

The directory is now up and running. Still working on this project, but I’m happy with the direction it’s taking. If you have any cryptocurrency related link suggestions for the directory page, please include them in the comments section of this blog post.

Directory link: bitcoindood.com…

I’ll be adding a podcaster and youtube directory for crypto related shows. If you’re a podcaster or youtuber and would like to be added, please comment with your links. I know there have been a lot of new shows added to the crypto space in the last year or so. I’m a little out of the loop. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Just comment with the show link!

After so much time, the News Agregator is back up and running. I coded it in NodeJS and so far so good. If you have any News Sites you’d like to see added, please post the link in the comments section for consideration.

New Aggregator link: bitcoindood.com…

The news agregator is currently being updated about 4 times a day.

I’m also working on a new blog theme! I’ve been working on WordPress theme design, and this part of the website will soon match the rest of the site. I’m hoping to have this theme up and running by the end of the week.

Once the blog design is updated I’m going to start blogging again at least once a week. Topics will vary. If you have a cryptocurrency, you’re an influencer, or you’re running any type of crypto related business, DM me on twitter and we can make arrangements for an interview if you’re interested.

Besides that I’ve got a couple new features I’m getting ready to add to the website. I’m keeping those a secret till I get the bugs worked out. I’ve been doing a lot of front end web dev stuff and learning so much. As I learn I’m adding features to the site.

Thanks for reading. Industry specific blog posts coming soon. Please leave any suggestions in the comments.

The Dood 🙂

Thoughts and Musings of a Shitcoin Trader.

I want to get back to blogging on here. For the most part, I’m going to be posting my thoughts on trading bitcoin, shitcoin, and other crypto related topics. I may post the occasional chart, I’ll definitely be posting opinion. Maybe pepper the posts with some tech reviews and anything I’m currently playing around with.

I’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency community for a while now. Man time fly’s! It’s been close to 6 years. When I first started this blog I intended to post about my journey as an altcoin trader. That part of the blog was lost when I changed servers to a new host. I started over in a different direction, and now I think I’m planning on returning to that theme and the roots of this blog. I may or may not do the occasional interview, but for the most part, I’m just going to be sharing my thoughts and musing on everything that’s going on with me as a trader and what’s happening in the crypto space in that particular moment in time. Hope whoever reads this, enjoys the posts!


August 8, 2018


It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. I did a white paper review of VSYNC the other day, and beside that I’ve been doing a lot of screwing off this summer. Honestly, I spent almost 3 years sitting in front of a computer staring at charts and really needed the time off.

The 2018 crypto market is nothing like I expected. I certainly expected a correction when bitcoin rose to 20K, but never expected almost every alt to return to 2017 lows. What a pump, and what a retrace!

In the meantime I’ve been enjoying the summer, putting low buy orders in, accumulating and like most of us, hoping this bear market turns. I bought a couple motorcycles, and I’ve been riding and waiting… Riding and waiting… Riding and buying and waiting….

Finally started getting tired of riding and waiting. Time to start acting. I’ll still be traveling around a bit this summer, but it’s time to get back to work. Oh, and I’m thinking about starting a travel blog, just registered themotorcycledude.com… Nothing there yet, but the wheels are in motion.

So I’ll be working on websites, updating this one… God knows it needs it. I’ll also be posting regularly again. Not sure how often but you should be able to expect at least a few posts a month. Thanks for reading, stay strong traders, sooner or later this market will turn and we will reap the rewards of our efforts!

What’s Up With The Dood?

Chilling by the Niagara river.

A little end of summer chilling. Relax mode.

I took a short break from blogging.  I wrote about unplugging in a steemit post I did and  frankly I was feeling a little burned out. It’s the end of summer, it’s been really hot, and between trading,  twitter, social networking, and blogging, I just needed a little break. LOL, I guess you can call it that.

I have a week off from work and I decided to start a bunch of projects that I’ve put on hold for far to long. There was some badly needed site maintenance that I need to get into, I started the DoodBot project and got a cryptocurrency chat room going on Dal Net IRC. Oh, to just pile it on, switched over from coding in PHP to Python now. I guess I thought there wasn’t enough to do LOL….

So although the blog seems quiet I’m actually spending the last week of my summer vacation, taking a crash course in python, and doing a lot of design work on the site. All stuff behind the scenes, but that should improve site performance.

I discoverd bitcoindood.com… has one of those ominous code warnings when you use certain browsers! There’s nothing dangerous about the site, it’s just how I set up some API calls and different PHP scripts I have running. That’s getting fixed in the next day or so, probably even tonight after I watch From Dusk Till Dawn …

DoodBot is going to be a twitter bot, that I want to post all the news, coin prices, and cryptocurrency related podcasts. I started coding him two days ago and got him working but I’m not happy with the results. DoodBot’s search results from twitter are spammy, and I’m having a hard time getting him to post the types of results I want. If you get a chance, stop by twitter and check him out twitter.com… So far I’ve got the quote script working satisfactorily. If you follow, be warned DoodBot’s results are a little spammy with twitter searches, and I’m still configuring and fine tuning the results.

I started a #cryptocurrency chat room on DalNet IRC. DoodBot IRC is in that chat room, and still needs a lot of configuring too. Eventually I’m trying to figure out a way to make DoodBot IRC and DoodBot twitter communicate. I pop in and out of the that room a few times of day though, sooo if you’re bored and think of it pop in and say high 🙂 I’m @BitcoinDood and if it’s just DoodBot in there, type something in the room and I’ll see it when I check his host. Which reminds me, that has to get paid…

So, yeah, The Dood’s staying busy. I’m going to try and get back to regular blogging. The little bit of blogging I’ve been doing has been getting posted to steemit. I’ll be doing a review about that blogging platform too. Very cool site steemit … You can find me here: steemit.com…

On a final note, it’s end of summer here and I will be back to posting regularly. Summer past by quick this year, and I’ve just been enjoying the last few weeks before it passes me by and I’m sitting in the house snowed in! LOL… Hopefully that won’t happen anytime soon, but hey I live in Buffalo NY and I’ll tell you now, it gets cold here quick. I’ll be enjoying the last few day of summer, and I’m also looking forward to the cool autumn change of seasons here. I’ll make time to post though, I promise. Hope everyone had a delightful summer, talk to you all soon!

The Dood