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Cryptocurrency Top 10 For December 1st

The Return Of The Cryptocurrency Top 10

Top Ten of Crypto December 1st


Bringing back the cryptocurrency top 10 on a month to month basis. Let’s see where we are from the last top ten post that we did on 8-7-16.  Bitcoin and Ethereum have maintained top position, Steem has fallen to 8th, Ripple has moved up to 3rd, and litecoin moved up to 4th. Interestingly, Ethereum Classic and DASH have maintained their 6th and 7th place positions. NEM has fallen from 8th to 10th, and MAIDSAFE has fallen off the top ten chart just $2,000,000 below in market cap from NEM. NXT has fallen to 36th position.

The Coinmarketcap Top 10 So now that we’re caught up, Bitcoin is still number 1 far ahead of Ethereum.

Ethereum has had many problems since the hard fork after “The DAO” and still seems to be recovering with fork after fork trying to correct the problems of the original fork. With all the problems this coin has had over the last several months, I often wonder how this coin hasn’t began falling into obscurity. I understand it’s cutting edge technology, and a great dev team, but the project has been plagued, by DDoS attack after DDoS attack, followed by hardfork after hardfork. Kudo’s to the Ethereum community for their continued support.

Ripple’s managed to stay in the top three as they continue to release news and stay relevant with big banking.

Litecoin has raised their market cap a bit since the last top ten, and it appears Monero’s has fallen a bit. Monero probably suffering a bit from a darknet market that closed shop and absconded with a bunch of the coin. The price rise was attributed to the dark markets acceptance of the coin, then suffered when they closed shop. Price recovery and upward trend does appear to be resuming however.

Ethereum Classic continues to stay relevant. Their market cap has fallen from close to half since the last top ten a couple months back, and the price has dropped considerably. This should be a coin to watch in 2017! Keep a close eye on this one after the new year.

DASH has maintained it’s market cap, and continues to grow.

In 8th postion we have AUGUR. Don’t really know a lot about this project, The Dood may have to do a little research and find out more about them. Congratulations to the AUGUR team for making it into the crypto top 10!

Steem stays in the top 10 in 9th. The price has fallen considerably since the last top ten, but the community and Steemit platform seem to continue growth. The Steemit social network which utilizes Steem will be performing a hardfork that will be effecting the current payout structure and how Steemit users can cash out. It will be interesting to see how this move affects the Steem market.

NEM stays in the top ten at 10th position. This is another project I know nothing about and need to do a little homework on by January.

For the latest in cryptocurrency market caps check out coinmarketcap.com…



Top Ten Cryptos For The Week Ending 6-26-16

This weeks top ten cryptos are:

Bitcoin remains reigning champion with a whopping market cap of $9,936,263,882. In second place we have Ethereum with a $1,128,945,995 market cap. In third place Ripple with a market cap of $225,785,195. Litecoin follows closely behind with a market cap of $189,035,666. The debacle that’s The DAO is in the number 5 position with a market cap of $126,287,450. Nem is in 6th, followed by long time favorite DASH with a market cap of $44,049,413. MaidSafeCoin is in 8th place, Lisk takes 9th and everyone’s favorite lovable cryptocurrency Dogecoin is in 10th with a market cap of $29,727,844.

Well there’s a lot of new kids on the block. I suspect The DAO will drop off shortly. Looking forward to seeing what LISK and NEM do in the future,. For more market capitalization charts on hundreds of coins check out coinmarketcap.com….

Coin market cap top ten

Coin market cap top ten for week ending 6-26-16