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Crypto Clothing Review TCmerch

A couple weeks back @tc_merch on Twitter contacted me and asked me to review some of their clothing and designs. When they said they would send a few samples to check out I was absolutely delighted. The Dood loves sporting cryptocurrency related clothing. It’s a great way to meet other like-minded cryptocurrency folks, and also start the crypto conversation with curious folks wondering what it’s all about.

Their shipping was pretty quick and a few days after we talked a really nice sized box arrived at my shop. To my surprise, it was filled with all kinds of t-shirts and a hoodie from tcmerch.io! Everything arrived packaged neatly and professionally.

Image of crypto clothing from tcmerch

Everything arrived individually wrapped and professionally packed.

As soon as I began pulling the shirts from their individually wrapped bags, I could tell they were using quality shirts for their designs. The material of the t-shirts was very soft, with a nice feel to them. I’ve ordered flimsy t-shirts online in the past, and these are not those t-shirts. They have a soft cottony feel, and you can immediately tell that they’re made of quality material. 100% cotton American Apparel t-shirts!

American Apparel tag of t-shirt

100% cotton American Apparel t-shirts. Quality stuff.

The hoodie was also made of quality material. The Dood’s a pretty big guy. I’m a little ashamed to say that over the last few years, I’ve put on more than a few pounds sitting behind the computer staring at crypto charts all day. It’s sometimes difficult for me to find clothes that fit well. I ordered the 2X and it fits just like I want a hoodie to fit. I’m 6′ 2″ and 265 pounds. It lays nicely over my waistline and covered up that beer belly. The hoodie is also 100% cotton American Apparel.

image of litecoin hoodie

100% cotton American Apparel litecoin hoodie. Show your love and spread the knowledge! Wear it proudly.

The decal quality is great on the font designs. I love the slogans and the fonts are bold and crisp regardless of the shirt color. Again, if you’re looking to strike up the crypto conversation while you’re out in public these shirts help do that for you. Great conversation starter.

big block font design t-shirt image.

Another favorite. The Dood’s a big blocker and proud. The white box near the collar is just a bar code sticker. I should of removed it before taking the image.

As far as the graphic designs, they were all decent quality too. Definitely comparable to other crypto shirts and hoodies I’ve ordered online. I already sent one through the wash a couple times and the decals are staying bright and crisp.

rekt hoody

We’ve all been there. When there’s blood in the streets it’s time to buy. I’m a crypto trader, not a photographer. For better images make sure to stop by their page and check out some of their other designs.

Here’s another one I love.

bitconnect hoodie design.

How fun would it be to show up at a local crypto meetup where nobody knows you wearing this? LMAO! I’ll probably be ordering this one!

The Dood sporting a bitcoin bart t-shirt.

Bitcoin Bart! This is one of my favorites. I’ll be wearing this all the time.

The cryptocurrency unity design.

The Dood is no maximalist. I really love this design. We’re all in this together! Show your love of cryptocurrency with this really cool unity design.

You can see more of these awesome designs here.

The folks over at TCmerch told me to include promo code “NEWYEAR” to receive 30% off if anyone is interested in ordering.

Well, that’s all folks! If you want to see any more of these fun crypto designs, you’ll have to stop by their page. Thanks for reading, and happy trading!

Disclaimer: This was not a paid review. TC Merch asked me to review their clothes and I did. They sent a few designs they selected for my review, and I looked them over and posted my honest opinion of them. Hope you enjoyed the review and found this information useful. 

Interesting Tron TRX Review

Tron has taken a lot of flack since its introduction. I thought this was a pretty fair review of the technology. If you ever wanted to find out more about this controversial cryptocurrency, I found this to be not only fair, but also a very in depth review. Explains solidity, PoS, and a lot of the other technical aspects of this project.

White Paper Review – VSYNC VSX

White Paper Review – VSYNC

Recently, I read the VSYNC / VSX white paper. This is a pretty interesting project and I thought I’d do a quick review of the white paper. I’m not going to re-write the white paper, just highlight a few of the interesting points. I will include a link to the white paper at the bottom of the page for further research and review.  Nothing here should be construed as financial advice, just sharing the info I discovered in my research.

VSYNC is a privacy centric POS cryptocurrency based on BitcoinCore 0.15 & Dash. It is proof of stake and utilizes PoSv3. It also offers a masternode system using 100,000 VSX as collateral.To insure fast transaction times VSYNC uses SwiftTX for zero confirmation transactions.

The currency is governed by the entire community and not just masternode owners. Every single VSX holder has the power to vote.

For users concerned with privacy VSYNC plans on implementing the ZeroCoin Protocol, I2P, and the Dandelion Protocol for anonymous payments between parties.

For scalability and transaction capacity the coin will utilize SegWit, Elastic Block Size, and Lightning Network. Implemented with SwiftTX this insures a scalable blockchain, with fast transaction times.

The coin also looks to implement atomic swaps on the network to allow other currencies to be traded and the implementation of smart contracts.

I’ve been following this project for awhile now, and I really like the direction this project is heading in. In the spirit of disclosure I do own a small bag and have been a long time hodler.

The purpose of this post was just to outline some of the features of VSYNC and what the devs are planning on working on in the future. I found the white paper to be well written, and informative. The roadmap is well defined and posted at the end of the white paper along with many references for research.

This is a basic review of the white paper. For more detailed information you can find the white paper at the link below hosted on the VSYNC website.

White Paper: vsync.pw/Vsync_Blockchain_WhitePaper_v1.pdf…

Website: vsync.pw/…

Coin Market Cap: coinmarketcap.com…


Review: Earn Bitcoin Using The File Army Image Hosting Service

I promise this isn’t turning into a video blog. It has been sometime since I’ve done a youtube video and I got bored the other day and decided to put one together. This is a really cool image hosting site I found, that pays you in bitcoin for using the image hosting service.

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Renewing a Namecheap Domain with Bitcoin!

Wow, a year has come and gone! First off, thanks to everyone who has made bitcoindood.com… a success. Surprisingly the site has generated a small following and The Dood really appreciates all the support he has received from the bitcoin community! You all rock!

So bitcoindood.com… was originally started as an experiment to a) use some of my bitcoin, and b) try to set up a semi anonymous website online using cryptocurrency. Originally the site was hosted by Cryptocloud Hosting and paid for each month with Dogecoin and the site was registered with bitcoin through namecheap.

The experiment was a huge success. The site was registered and still is to Bitcoin Dood 50 Dood Ln. Bitcoin NY. It was originally hosted in the UK and has now moved to a US server. Cryptocloud did a great job hosting the site, but The Dood already had some server space in the US and just didn’t like paying for hosting when he could just add it to his US server at no additional charge. On top of that, there really was no reason to maintain anonymity and The Dood dubbed the experiment a success when all invoices, billing, and contact information was in Bitcoin Dood’s name. LOL

So another year has passed us by. The original Namecheap review was lost in the database crash, when I moved the servers. Oh the horror! From what I remember getting set up was fairly easy. I set up an account on Namecheap that works almost like a prepaid phone card, you have the option to load money into your Namecheap account. I transferred over $15.00 worth of bitcoin. They use BitPay and I did have a small problem waiting for the transaction to clear the first time, but there was a chat box for customer support at the bottom of the page and the person who replied was very patient, found my deposit, credited it, and then I registered my domain. For the most part Namecheap made the process really painless and their customer service was absolutely fantastic.

After I registered the domain name, I pointed the DNS to my host and within about a half hour the DNS had propagated and bitcoindood.com… was up and running. It really couldn’t of been any easier.

A year has come and gone, and it was time to renew the domain name. The process was just as simple and I’m happy to report there were no problems at all. Here’s the process, and if you wanted to register a domain name you would just set up a Namecheap account, and pretty much follow these steps. If you’ve never registered a domain before, just load up your account and you can have a customer service rep help walk you through the process. It’s a little confusing your first time out, but it’s actually a really simple process and their customer service is great. So here’s what I did.

Step 1) Top Up Your NameCheap Account.

Click top up your account to add money to your namecheap account.

top up namecheap

Click on top up balance to add Bitcoin.

Step 2) Select Pay With Bitcoin

Now select the bitcoin option for payment.

renew domain with bitcoin on namecheap

Click the bitcoin radio button to pay with bitcoin

Step 3) Enter The Amount You Want To Add To Your Account.

So using Namecheap is just like loading a prepaid phone card. You just enter the amount of money you want to add to your account, and then click the “Go To BitPay” button to pay by bitcoin.

How much you want to pay in bitcoin

Enter the amount you want to pay with bitcoin.

Step 4) Send The Bitcoin

Now we send the bitcoin to the specified address and when BitPay receives it the page will refresh and display a confirmation. This happened in almost real time and took under a minute.

Send the bitcoin.

Now just send the bitcoin to the address BitPay supplies.

Step 5) Return To Namecheap To Finish Your Business

Once the confirmation window opens, just click the big blue button that reads “Continue to Namecheap” to either pay your bill or register a new domain. It really is that easy and I had no problems at all this time.

You paid with bitcoin.

Now write down your order number and you are finished.

Step 6) Download Invoice & Finish Up Your Business.

When you return to Namecheap you have an option to download a paid invoice in PDF format. Once you have your receipt either pay your bill or register a domain. Basically you handle your business and you are done. Namecheap makes it really easy to use bitcoin through BitPay.

Domain paid!

Download the invoice and you’re done. This was really simple to do, and now bitcoindood.com… has been renewed using bitcoin!

And we’re done! So once you load your account you just handle your business, and either pay your bill, or register a new domain name. They make it simple and painless. I’ve used them for almost a year now and I’ve been really happy with the service! If you’re looking for a good hosting company, The Dood highly recommends giving Namecheap a try and paying by bitcoin!