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Some Of Last Weeks Tops Stories.

Coinbase Gets Summons From IRS

Coinbase dominated the news as the IRS issued a summons for all user information from 2013 to 2015.



Controversial IRS Request To Coinbase Highlights Need For Updated Tax Guidelines

Bitcoin Spam Attacks Delays A Large Amount Of Transactions.

Many bitcoin transactions remained in an unconfirmed state due to what appears to be a spamming attack. The spamming attack caused delays that lasted up to 24 hours or more in some instances.

Spamming Continues on Bitcoin Network, Delays Transactions

Big Names Begin To Withdraw from R3 AKA R3CEV

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Santander all reported to withdraw from R3CEV or R3 blockchain consortium.




Ethereum Forks Again!

Ethereum continues to fork. How does this project stay so relevant?



Ethereum Platform Receives a New Geth Update after Consensus Flaw


Charlie Shrem , Back In The Crypto Game With New Company.

Charlie Shrem and Jason Granger launch Intellisys Capital. Intellisys will issue tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain that will represent shares in various businesses.

Charlie Shrem Joins ICO Craze With Investment Platform Intellisys


Factom Receives Grant From Gates Foundation.

Factom recieves grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for blockchain based medical records project.


Other mentions :

OKcash turned 2 years old this week. The Dood gets interview with OKtoshi, lead dev of OKcash and ROKOS.

The Week In Crypto Ending 7-17-16

A lot happened last week in cryptocurrency and these few articles barely cover it.

Kim Dotcom came out and boasted the return of MegaUpload and claims to be incorporating bitcoin into the platform.


The bitcoin halving came and went. The halving came and went without any major fireworks on the exchanges. If anything we seen a consolidation of price between the $645.00 and $660.00 price range.


FileSharing Company SeaFile Dumps PayPal and Incorporates Bitcoin Into The Platform. Are we beginning to see a trend here? Two filesharing companies going the way of bitcoin.

File Sharing Company Seafile Drops PayPal in Favor of Bitcoin

Altcoin Users Can Now Pay BitPay Merchants In Altcoins Through Shapeshift. This is great news for altcoin traders.

Altcoin users Can Pay Any BitPay Merchant Through Shapeshift.io

Mark Karpeles CEO of defunct bitcoin exchange MT.Gox released from jail on bail.

Report: Mt Gox CEO Mark Karpeles Released On Bail

Canadian bank ATB Financial has collaborated with Ripple and tech firm SAP to send the first international interbank blockchain payment to Germany’s ReiseBank

Canadian Bank, Ripple and SAP Send First Int’ Blockchain Payment

After many users complained about the basic security measures the company used for the platform. The Steemit platform ended up getting hacked for $85,000 USD.

Steemit Hacked for ‘$85,000’ as Users Complain of Weak Security

The price of NXT rose slightly with the start of wallet snapshots and free ardor for all NXT holders. Snapshots will be taken every hour of NXT holders between

The price of NXT rose slightly with start of wallet snapshots and free ardor for all NXT holders.July 15th ( Start Height: 870400 ) to October 12th ( End Height: 1000000 ). Every NXT account’ balance will be averaged between these 90 days. At the end of snapshot, the equivalent amount of Ardor tokens will be automatically sent to user accounts as an asset.

The Return of MOJOcoin. A tweet from @Mojodevs stated that MOJOcoin is back. Apparently the head dev for the project was hospitalized and is now out and has returned to the project. The Dood’s currently working on getting an interview with these guys.