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Dood’s Pick For The Month of July Peercoin

Peercoin logoThe Dood’s been switching up his crypto portfolio a bit and the other day I took a peek at the charts for Peercoin and really liked what I saw. The Dood loves the classics, and Peercoin has been around for a few years. One of the first POS coins. The coin has a solid dev team, great community, and at the time of this writing a 24 hour volume of about $15,624 USD. Not to shabby for an altcoin.

Although nobody can really tell which direction a market will move, the coin does seem to be sitting at a nice bottom, with some consolidation and looks like it may soon be ready to take off. At it’s current price I think it shows some potential as a long term hold.

History of market cap

Looks like a nice bottom, with some consolidation, and plenty of room to rise.

1 day peercoin chart

Nobody has a crystal ball or can tell for sure which way a market will move, but this looks nice long term. Current price looks like there’s plenty of room to rise. The 1 week and 1 month charts also look nice to me. Check em out for yourself at coinmarketcap.com…

You can see the 1 week and 1 month charts at coinmarketcap.com…. A slow steady rise with a couple small dips on this would be nice. I think this thing is ready to take off again. Regardless, it’s a good strong project, great tech, well established community, and has a  strong daily volume and market cap.

You can check out the Peercoin website here and get all the latest announcements here.

Remember nothing here is meant to be taken as financial advice. Seek a duly licensed financial advisor for such matters, not some jackass on the internet that calls himself The Dood. All information here is strictly for conversational purposes, and a continued dialog on what’s happening in the realm of cryptocurrency. The Dood likes this project, and wanted to share his thoughts with you, the reader. Take it for what it’s worth and happy trading people.