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Free Public Domain Clipart Graphics.

The Dood’s been a really big fan of openclipart.org since its start. I was looking for some bitcoin related clipart for a project I was working on and came across some really great designs on that site. Here’s a couple examples found in the two pages of results.

free public domain bitcoin clipart

Free bitcoin Iphone clipart. Cute design and the price is right.

free bitcoin accepted here clipart.

Free bitcoin accepted here. Check out more on the openclipart.org website.


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More public domain royalty free bitcoin related designs can be found at openclipart.org. http://cur.lv/ynehn

crypto graphic

Something I made awhile back.

Losing all the blog posts, has been a bit demotivational to say the least. I’ll be redoing some old blog posts and adding new stuff soon, I promise. I was just going through my hard drive looking for some old content and came across this. Just thought I’d leave this graphic of various cryptocurrencies here.