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This is the very first interview I ever did. It was originally posted on an old blog for a web design business I was working on at the time. The blog is coming down, and the site being redesigned and I decided to take a few of the better posts and post them here. Bitcoin Rush was kind enough to give me my first break, and take some time to do an interview for me back towards the end of 2014 and from that moment of kindness,  bitcoindood.com… was born around 6 months later. So if you absolutely hate my site, you can blame him! LOL…. This was originally posted on Dec. 14th 2014…. Time stops for no man! How the time has past. Feels like I just did this interview yesterday. Anyway, this is The Dood’s first interview with no other than…. Drum rolll please… Bitcoin Rush! Enjoy 🙂

Recently I had the pleasure of befriending Bitcoin Rush on Twitter and by e-mail. His Youtube show is a fantastic source of current events, news, and the latest coin release’s. For those interested in all things altcoin and bitcoin related, his show is well produced, entertaining, and educational. I requested an e-mail interview with Mr.Rush and he was kind enough to take some time and answer some questions. For your reading pleasure, I bring to you , Ten questions with Bitcoin Rush !

BitcoinDood: For many netizens in the crypto-currency scene you need no introduction, but could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush: Bitcoin Rush is Crypto News Media, a news source for crypto technology.
I started out as a crypto educator showing people how to create a wallet, sending digital currency and understanding the current change.
As I frequented bitcoin meet-ups at Plug and Play Center in Silicon Valley, I found not only what I am interested in but also a welcoming community driven by positive change.

BitcoinDood: I started watching Bitcoin Rush a few episodes back and I’ve been hooked ever since. At the time of this writing we are on Bitcoin Rush EP 28. When was Bitcoin Rush first created and what inspired you to start Bitcoin Rush ?

Bitcoin Rush:  Bitcoin Rush was created on March 2014 and my favorite episode #1 was not only an experiment but also the beginning of Bitcoin Rush. I had been studying crypto-currencies especially Bitcoin technology and it became clear to me that there was not only a demand for information, but also an obligation to fill that demand. I learned about the opportunity, that Bitcoin technology can connect the other 5 billion unbanked people in the world to a banking system, and it also can help to eradicate poverty in a profound way. Crowd funded charity becomes possible and money goes directly to where it is most needed. And so Bitcoin Rush became alive almost over night.

BitcoinDood: The production value of your show is fantastic by any standard. Is it just you creating each episode or is there a team of people behind each show ?

Bitcoin Rush:  Currently it is only myself producing the shows, social networking, connecting to crypto firms, text editing, image collection, recording and post production, as well as publishing. It is numerous hours of endless fun. I invite everyone to share their talents to elevate the show to the next level. I want to mention, that I have gotten great support from the crypto community. Bitcoin Rush would not be where it is today without their generous support.

BitcoinDood: What inspires your creativity ?

Bitcoin Rush:  First and foremost the audience. Also inspiration comes from exciting innovations in the crypto space, most of them only in beta, ready to burst into mainstream. Very exciting, indeed.

BitcoinDood: Your show is found on the World Crypto Network channel on Youtube. World Crypto Network brings a lot of great shows and interviews on crypto-currency to Youtube. What is World Crypto Network and how did you get involved with it?

Bitcoin Rush:  World Crypto Network is a team of like minded crypto-currency enthusiasts interested in having their own shows or participating in other shows. I was invited by Thomas Hunt and Kristov Atlas after they saw a few of my episodes. It is a great collaboration.

BitcoinDood: There are currently so many alternative cryptocurrencies being created. Hardly a day goes by where a new coin isn’t being released. How do you decide which coins should be featured on your show?

Bitcoin Rush:  I study and read a lot about these currencies and developments. Sometimes, I pick a company to approach, and more often crypto companies approach me first. I definitely like to support charities, the arts, and humanitarian causes.

BitcoinDood: Feel like naming some of your favorite coins and telling us why they’re your favorites ?

Bitcoin Rush:  I love them all.

BitcoinDood: Any favorite devs and why ?

Bitcoin Rush:  Evan Duffield of Dark Coin (editors note: now DASH) for making crypto-currency completely private. David Zimbeck creator of BitHalo and BlackHalo, for the world’s first decentralized smart contracting software. Andrey Zamovskiy of Holy Transaction for developing the universal crypto currency wallet with instant exchange, just to mention a few incredible innovators. And many others of course.

BitcoinDood: You recently started a blog. I read your first article and it was fantastic. What are your future blogging plans ? Will you be blogging daily ? What can we expect in the future from Bitcoin Rush the blogger ?

Bitcoin Rush: The blog is intended to be an extension of the Bitcoin Rush episodes, on subjects which in my view deserve additional attention. Occasionally I will give my personal views on what’s current. The blog is still in progress and will develop into a platform for social communication about the crypto evolution. I welcome responses from the community. New connections are made and shared among like minded crypto maniacs.

BitcoinDood: Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview. Any final thoughts, predictions, or trends you see in the near future for crypto-currency ?

Bitcoin Rush: My prediction goes hand in hand with Andreas Antonopolous, “In two years one bitcoin will be worth exactly one bitcoin”. Change is here, bitcoin does not stop, indeed.

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Editors note: If you’ve never checked out his show do yourself a favor and stop by his youtube channel. His show is entertaining, extremely well produced,  and always on topic with the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space.

Note to Bitcoin Rush: I’ve met a lot of really cool people in the cryptocurrency space, but none as awesome as Bitcoin Rush. Thank you so much for giving The Dood his first interview! We use the term “friend” loosely on the internet and over the years I feel I can count you as a true “friend” . It has been an honor to make your acquaintance ! Looking forward to many more great episodes of Bitcoin Rush!