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The Top Ten Cryptos By Coin Market Cap 8-7-16

Gentleman Start Your Engines!

Spent the day at the boat races, and remembered when I got home, that it was time for the crypto currency top ten ! The Dood is sun burned and burned out from the sun!

Hydroplane racing boats

Gentleman start your engines. Time for the crypto currency top ten by market cap.

As always we’ve got Bitcoin the king of all crypto’s far ahead of the pack. Ethereum follows far behind in second, and Steem is holding strong in third. Ripple takes the fourth position followed by Litecoin in fifth. Ethereum classic remains in sixth, and Dash takes seventh. We’ve got NEM in eighth, Maidsafe remains in ninth, and Nxt maintains tenth position.

Not much changed from the previous week. The Bitfinex hack caused a small dip in price for bitcoin and ethereum, and the value of many altcoins seemed to adjust with the price of BTC. Ripple, Dash and MaidSafeCoin all show small gains in price even with the drop in BTC price; proving to be great performers in the current market .

It should be noted that Dogecoin is in the eleventh place with just under a $1,000.00 difference in market cap,  hot on the heels of Nxt. Lets see if interest in Ardor is enough to keep the Nxt market cap in tenth place or if that old Doge bites him in the ass and pushes Nxt back down to the eleventh position next week.

altcoin market cap

Crypto Currency listed by market cap for the week ending 8-7-16

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Top Ten Cryptocurrencies By Market Cap Week Ending 7-31-16

Not much changed since last week. Bitcoin still remains reigning champion. Ethereum is far behind in second. Steem is in third followed closely by Ripple in fourth.  Litecoin maintains the fifth position and maintained stability in the price category, holding strong at $4.07 USD. Ethereum Classic is in sixth and shows a nice price increase rising from .93 cents USD last week to $1.82 this week. . Dash takes the seventh position and also shows a small price increase of .06 cents USD. Nem stays in 8th, followed by MaidSafeCoin in ninth. The only change this week in position will be Lisk, falling to eleventh and being replaced by Nxt who now maintains the tenth position.

Ethereum Classic showed the best bang for your buck almost doubling in value over the week. Dash, MaidSafe, and Litecoin maintained value showing minimal gains but maintaining price stability since the previous week.

With the announcement of ARDOR for Nxt snapshots. I can only speculate, but the announcement seems to be a success and I think we will see continued growth in this market from now till October, unless excitement for Ardor fades.

It’s also worthy to mention the fight for tenth continues. With Lisk in the eleventh position, followed by Dogecoin in twelfth, and Monero in the thirteenth slot. All three coins are strong stable markets and hold a market cap within a few thousand dollars of each other.

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Market cap totals

Cryptocurrency coin market cap for week ending 7-31-16

Disclaimer: Coin market cap top ten is posted for reference and commentary. Nothing in this blog is meant as financial advice. All posts are opinion and solely posted for the purpose of discussion. Seek a duly licensed financial professional for investment advice, not some jackass on the internet who calls himself The Dood! Happy trading !

Top Ten Cryptos By Market Cap Week Ending 7-24-16

Bitcoin the reigning champion maintains a comfortable lead over all other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum in second place, followed by Steem in third. Ripple is in fourth with a market cap of $223,008,534 followed closely by Litecoin in fifth.

Ethereum classic replaces The DAO in sixth, and DASH overtakes NEM for the seventh position, with NEM maintaining a comfortable lead in eighth with almost double the market cap of MaidsafeCoin now currently in ninth position. Lisk maintains its position at the bottom of the top ten for the second week in a row.

It should be noted that Emercoin is catching up for the tenth position currently in eleventh and Doge has been pushed down to twelfth followed closely by Nxt in thirteenth. I think we’re going to see an interesting fight for the tenth position over the next few weeks.

top ten cryptocurrency market cap

The cryptocurrency top ten by market cap for the week ending 7-24-16

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Cryptocurrency Top Ten Week Ending 7-17-16

What an interesting top ten this week. As always, Bitcoin remains reigning champion. Even with all the hard fork, and DAO issues, Ethereum finds itself in the number 2 position. Steem is in third with a current value of $3.46 per STEEM, I have to admit I really didn’t see that one coming. Ripple finds itself being pushed down to fourth, followed by Litecoin in fifth. The DAO maintaining top ten status for the time being in sixth. NEM takes seventh and DASH takes 8th. MaidSafeCoin is currently ninth, and Lisk takes tenth, pushing the DOGE to 11th place.

There are a lot of interesting projects in the top ten currently. STEEM and its steemit platform, The DAO, MaidSafeCoin. I have to admit I don’t know a lot about NEM and LISK. Might be time to do a little research. Regardless I think we’re currently looking at a trend as far as the type of coins people are currently interested in. For more coins listed by market cap checkout…

coin market cap top 10

Top coins listed by market cap for the week ending 7-17-16