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Keeping An Eye On Ethereum Classic Today ETC

Ethereum Classic live trading begins at 5:00 PT today on Coinbase, one of the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchanges. Trade volume has already risen on the news with lots of market volatility over the last week or so. I’ll be watching this one carefully throughout the day. Things should really start heating up around 5 PT when trading goes live! 

I think we could expect a decent price rise through out the day. I’m expecting resistance around $14.50 USD, $15.25, & $17.30. If we breakthrough resistance at around $21.25 we could see a push to around the $30.00 USD range although with the current market sentiment, I’m cautious.

Analysis posted strictly as entertainment. Not meant to be construed as investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for financial advice, not some guy on the internets who calls himself The Dood.

STARTcoin Shall Rise Again! Speculation by The Dood.

Clearing the air on my Startcoin call. Last week sometime I tweeted about 3 coins I liked at the current market price. My picks were NXT, START and Feathercoin. I do love the classics. However, I also like well established coins with strong communities. All three of these coins have that. I did however take some flack for calling STARTcoin.

Now many have dubbed the last few weeks as the “Altcoin Bloodbath of 2016” The bottom line is bitcoin went up, and altcoins went down. It’s just the nature of the beast and that does seem to be what happens whenever bitcoin shows a nice spike in price. Eventually the markets do correct and the bitcoin price stabilizes and altcoin prices adjust accordingly. In my opinion this is always a good opportunity to buy into some strong coins that haven’t adjusted to the market yet. STARTcoin being an example of that.

Please note, this is my speculation, my thoughts, and not meant as financial advice.Seek a licensed financial adviser for real financial advise, not some jackass on the internet who refers to himself as The Dood.

FTC or Feathercoin has already showed a nice gain since my call at .00000743, NXT has held it’s price and I’m patiently waiting to see which direction it goes. START continues to drop. Personally, again not advice, The Dood keeps buying START and here’s my thoughts on the matter.

Many in the STARTcoin community are a little upset at Max Keiser’s call of 1 START = 1 US dollar. Many people bought into this and were really dissappointed when the price dropped and continued to drop. One factor nobody could forsee was the STARTcoin hack. I don’t know all the specifics but it was pretty bad, even effecting their social media accounts. This obviously affected the STARTcoin price.

Startcoin logo or startcon

If you don’t know who Max Keiser is, he’s the guy from the Keiser Report on RT News and also co-founder of STARTcoin and STARTjoin. When he began calling 1 START = 1 Dollar many people jumped on board the STARTcoin bandwagon only to be dissappointed as the price began to fall instead of rise. Many reasoned, Max’s celebrity status alone would indeed raise the price of STARTcoin as more and more people bought into the coin. Then the hack put the final nail in the coffin as the price dropped dramatically.

The Dood bought in a little at a time, selling the highs and lows, and like many, The Dood did end up holding the bag on a few STARTcoins. These things happen from time to time. Was it a con? Only Max knows his true intent. Regardless STARTcoin is a well established coin with a strong dev team and a strong community. Who knows what will happen in the future. Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day and this is crypto, anything is possible.

Which now brings us to the current price and the reason for the call. IMHO STARTcoin under .00001000 is a steal! Do I know for sure? Absolutely not, it’s called speculation for a reason. What I do know is the coin is established, there is still a strong community, they continue to develop and promote the product and I don’t think STARTcoin is leaving the altcoin space anytime soon. Neither The Dood, nor Max Keiser can predict with any certainty which way a market will move, we can only speculate, but STARTcoin certainly looks like a strong, well established coin in the cryptospace and keeping with my original call, “I don’t think these low prices will last forever”.

Will STARTcoin ever be $1 = 1 START? IDK. This is why you never listen to anyone, and do your own due diligence. I’m sure Max Keiser knows a little more about finance than The Dood, but like me he puts his pants on one leg at a time and he can only speculate like the rest of us. If I had a working crystal ball, I’d make us all rich, but I don’t. What I will say is I like the price of STARTcoin, the project is far from dead, and I think eventually the coin will rise again.

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