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Renewing a Namecheap Domain with Bitcoin!

Wow, a year has come and gone! First off, thanks to everyone who has made a success. Surprisingly the site has generated a small following and The Dood really appreciates all the support he has received from the bitcoin community! You all rock!

So was originally started as an experiment to a) use some of my bitcoin, and b) try to set up a semi anonymous website online using cryptocurrency. Originally the site was hosted by Cryptocloud Hosting and paid for each month with Dogecoin and the site was registered with bitcoin through namecheap.

The experiment was a huge success. The site was registered and still is to Bitcoin Dood 50 Dood Ln. Bitcoin NY. It was originally hosted in the UK and has now moved to a US server. Cryptocloud did a great job hosting the site, but The Dood already had some server space in the US and just didn’t like paying for hosting when he could just add it to his US server at no additional charge. On top of that, there really was no reason to maintain anonymity and The Dood dubbed the experiment a success when all invoices, billing, and contact information was in Bitcoin Dood’s name. LOL

So another year has passed us by. The original Namecheap review was lost in the database crash, when I moved the servers. Oh the horror! From what I remember getting set up was fairly easy. I set up an account on Namecheap that works almost like a prepaid phone card, you have the option to load money into your Namecheap account. I transferred over $15.00 worth of bitcoin. They use BitPay and I did have a small problem waiting for the transaction to clear the first time, but there was a chat box for customer support at the bottom of the page and the person who replied was very patient, found my deposit, credited it, and then I registered my domain. For the most part Namecheap made the process really painless and their customer service was absolutely fantastic.

After I registered the domain name, I pointed the DNS to my host and within about a half hour the DNS had propagated and was up and running. It really couldn’t of been any easier.

A year has come and gone, and it was time to renew the domain name. The process was just as simple and I’m happy to report there were no problems at all. Here’s the process, and if you wanted to register a domain name you would just set up a Namecheap account, and pretty much follow these steps. If you’ve never registered a domain before, just load up your account and you can have a customer service rep help walk you through the process. It’s a little confusing your first time out, but it’s actually a really simple process and their customer service is great. So here’s what I did.

Step 1) Top Up Your NameCheap Account.

Click top up your account to add money to your namecheap account.

top up namecheap

Click on top up balance to add Bitcoin.

Step 2) Select Pay With Bitcoin

Now select the bitcoin option for payment.

renew domain with bitcoin on namecheap

Click the bitcoin radio button to pay with bitcoin

Step 3) Enter The Amount You Want To Add To Your Account.

So using Namecheap is just like loading a prepaid phone card. You just enter the amount of money you want to add to your account, and then click the “Go To BitPay” button to pay by bitcoin.

How much you want to pay in bitcoin

Enter the amount you want to pay with bitcoin.

Step 4) Send The Bitcoin

Now we send the bitcoin to the specified address and when BitPay receives it the page will refresh and display a confirmation. This happened in almost real time and took under a minute.

Send the bitcoin.

Now just send the bitcoin to the address BitPay supplies.

Step 5) Return To Namecheap To Finish Your Business

Once the confirmation window opens, just click the big blue button that reads “Continue to Namecheap” to either pay your bill or register a new domain. It really is that easy and I had no problems at all this time.

You paid with bitcoin.

Now write down your order number and you are finished.

Step 6) Download Invoice & Finish Up Your Business.

When you return to Namecheap you have an option to download a paid invoice in PDF format. Once you have your receipt either pay your bill or register a domain. Basically you handle your business and you are done. Namecheap makes it really easy to use bitcoin through BitPay.

Domain paid!

Download the invoice and you’re done. This was really simple to do, and now has been renewed using bitcoin!

And we’re done! So once you load your account you just handle your business, and either pay your bill, or register a new domain name. They make it simple and painless. I’ve used them for almost a year now and I’ve been really happy with the service! If you’re looking for a good hosting company, The Dood highly recommends giving Namecheap a try and paying by bitcoin!

Upgrading The ROKOS OKcash Wallet

So that time finally arrived. It was time to update my OKcash wallet for my ROKOS Raspberry Pi. For those that don’t know, ROKOS is a Linux based operating system and if you’re not used to working with Linux it can be a bit daunting. I’m happy to report that my OKcash wallet upgrade Ver 3 to Ver 4.0.0. was smooth and painless. If I can do it, anyone can!

Old OKcash wallet

OKcash Version 3 wallet

The Dood’s a bit paranoid when it comes to updates and upgrades, so for safety reasons I transferred all my coins to a different wallet.  Once I knew all my coins were safe I closed my Ver 3 wallet and did a quick update of ROKOS flavors. From the command line just type :

sudo apt-get update

Once I made sure everything was updated, I then did a quick upgrade. Again, from the command line just type:

sudo apt-get upgrade

When everything was updated and upgraded I did a quick reboot just to make sure everything was working OK and the updates and upgrades were working alright.

Now I downloaded the wallet upgrade zip file on my laptop and put the zip file on a USB drive. You don’t have to do that and you can download right to your PI if you want. I downloaded the files from here.

You want to download this file

Once you download the file, go to your downloads folder and extract the zip file. All you do is double click the zip file and ROKOS will open Xarchiver to extract the files. It doesn’t really matter where you extract the files. By default they’ll extract to whatever folder you’re currently in. I extracted the files to


Xarchiver extracting the OKcash wallet files.

Double click on the file and Xarchiver will open and extract the files for you.

Once your files are extracted you want to open a terminal window and cd to the folder with the extracted files.  /OK-update is the folder I extracted to, you want to cd to wherever you extracted your files ex: cd /YourFolderNameHere

cd /OK-update

I then followed the instructions found here.  Here’s the commands I used.

sudo chmod 755 okcash

sudo chmod 755 okcashd

sudo cp okcash /usr/local/bin/

sudo cp okcashd /usr/local/bin/

Once I finished, I again rebooted my Pi. Upon reboot I opened the wallet. It took a couple minutes to open this time. Once the wallet opened it only took a couple more minutes for the blockchain to sync and it was ready to receive OKcash.

New OKcash wallet version 4.0.0

OKcash wallet version 4.0.0 Updated and upgraded, and ready to stake.

I sent a test of about 10 OKcash. Once I knew it was working properly I transferred the rest of the balance. Now time to get staking!

Final comments:

For the most part this was quick and painless. I’m really happy with the new wallet so far. I was hoping with the updated version the issue with showing the balances would be fixed, but this is still a small inconvenience. To see your coin balance you still have to go into coin control to see the balance. Outside of that the wallet seems to be working great. Props to Oktoshi and the ROKOS team for another job well done! Can’t wait to get the new Pi3 or PIne64 and try out ROKOS v6 Magic Flavors!

BATA – BTA Pick Of The Month


BATA interesting coin of the month.

I’m going to start picking a couple coins a month to write about. These are just coins that I’m interested in and not meant as investment advice. In the spirit of full disclosure I will always mention if I’m invested in a coin, and I am currently invested in this one.

In celebration of another halving, I decided to write a quick review on BATA BTA. The coin had no premine, no ico, and no crowdfund. This is always a good sign it’s not a quick pump and dump scam. I’ve been invested in this coin since December when I first discovered it and watched it continuously rise since.

It has all the security features, and privacy features many people come to expect from a cryptocurrency. BTA Wallet has integration with i2P and TOR – a hidden wallet address provides privacy and extra security including TOR & i2P integration.

There will only be 5,000,000 BATA created. On top of that you have a dedicated and productive dev team, and a small committed community.  To me this looks like the perfect recipe for success.

Looking at the coins marketcap, I really don’t understand why there isn’t more interest in this coin. With the available supply, it also seems undervalued.

The coin is available on several exchanges including Bittrex, Bleutrade, and Cryptopia.

You can follow the dev teams progress on their bitcointalk Ann page.



If you have some extra time, this coin really seems worthy of looking into further.

Creating A Wallet

A quick video I did on setting up a simple wallet. This is a nice simple wallet to use and also gives you access to your bitcoin online. This wallet is great for people just starting out that might want a really easy wallet to use and set up. It’s also great for people who would like to have a little bitcoin handy online at all times. I’ve used one of these for close to two years now and I wouldn’t store my life savings here, but it’s perfect for having a few dollars of play around bitcoin available online whenever you need it.

If you were storing a large investment in bitcoin, you might want to look into a hardware wallet or even a cold storage paper wallet. I’ll post more on those in a future video.

Find this info useful: 1MDfoP9X3CYD7mNgCMjLn4m5ANdJmNX4is

Dood Reviews Tipbot and POS Pool has decided to close. For more information click here.

I’m back… I have to admit I haven’t been super motivated to write anything. Losing three months of blog posts was a real kick in the nuts! Anyway, I’m back and for my first real post on the new server I thought I would review

So the other day , @kobocoindev on twitter was kind enough to send The Dood a tip of some Kobocoin using the twitter tipbot. I had been looking for a multi-currency tipbot to use since the fall of whitepuma and when I learned about I was pretty excited. After signing up and claiming my tip, I discovered so much more than a multi-currency tipbot.

The tipbot is just a small feature of what actually offers. The service works like an online cryptocurrency wallet for over 75 different cryptocurrencies. You can use the twitter tipbot to tip on twitter in over 75 different cryptocurrencies, and it also acts as a stake pool for any coins that are Proof Of Stake! Very cool feature.

If you don’t know what POS (Proof Of Stake) is, simply put, you put some coins aside in a wallet, when the coins mature, usually after 24 hours or more. The stake or the reserved coins begin to earn interest. There’s actually a lot more going on in the background but for the purpose of this review, that over simplified explanation will do. If you want to learn more about POS check out this older article by Vitalik Buterin written in 2013.

With that said, after playing around with the service for a few days, here’s my review and what I found.

Sign up was simple. Just go to the registration page, create a username, enter an email address, and create a password. Hit register and you’re ready to start.

Registratoin on is easy

Simple registration. Just create a username, enter an email account, create your password, hit register, and you’re good to go.

Once you’re signed up, just login to your account, type in your username, password and the captcha and enter the site.

The first thing I did was turn on 2FA. Two factor authorization sends either a text message to your phone or you can use the google authenticator. Either method gives you a code on your phone that you need to log into your account. With 2FA activated nobody can get into your account,  even if they have your username and password, unless they have your phone too. To activate 2FA just click on the Settings tab at the top of the page and following the instructions.

Set up security features.

For security set up google authenticator or two factor authorization.

Once you set up your security, it’s time to get some coin into your account. This works like any other wallet for the most part. Just click on the Dashboard link. Find the coin you want to add. Click the wallet button, then on the next page click on the “My Addresses” tab and then the Generate Address button. Once you get your address , start sending coin to the account. To see the confirmations, and the coins you recieved, just click on the “Recieved” tab.

Click on wallet to add cryptocurrency

Each coin gets its own wallet. Click on the wallet buttn for the selected coin and add your favorite cryptocurrency.

add cryptocurrency

Generate address and add cryptocurrency for staking, storage or tipping on twitter. can handle over 75 different cryptocurrencies. This is really cool in itself. Once you deposit the coins in your account, it automatically starts staking them for you. To check the status of your staking, just click the POS button and it will show you all your POS Pool payments. This is a really cool feature.

Click the POS button to view your pool payouts.

To see your stake payments, just click the POS button to view your pool rewards. Very cool!

Stake payouts

Here are some of the POS of payments recieved in just 3 days. The Dood loves the Proof OF Stake.

Like any other wallet, you can send coins to any other address buy clicking the send button. Then send the coin to the address of your choice.

To send cryptocurrency just hit the send button.

Just click the send button to send out cryptocurrency.

Simple to use send feature.

Sending cryptocurrency is easy with Select the currency, enter the address, the amount, a note if desired, and click pay now.

Finally next to the staking feature, the twitter tipbot is extremely cool. Sending a tip on twitter is as simple as typing

@CoinWalletco tip @BitcoinDood $CoinTickerSymbol AMOUNT message.

Here’s an example of a tip I sent:


What The Dood Likes ….

Overall The Dood really likes this service. The proof of stake feature is a really great idea. I’ve been staking OKcash for some time now , and I sent the same amount to my account and in the same amount of time my stake rewards were just a little less than what I receive in the same amount of time using ROKOS on my RaspberryPi. When you add your energy costs to staking on your own, the slight difference is completely justifiable. For a full list of coins, and their maturity time click here.

I’ve been looking for a multi-coin tipbot since WhitePuma closed at the end of last year. I absolutely love the tipbot feature. With all those coins to choose from, you can send all your twitter pals, their favorite coins in tips. It’s also a great way to introduce them to this service.

What The Dood Doesn’t Like…

There’s really not a lot not to like. I’d love to see a service like this that comes up with a way for members to hold their own private keys. Without access to the private keys, just like on any exchange you probably use now, technically you don’t own the coins, the exchange does. I don’t like this at all. All things considered, if you don’t put your life savings in here, and it’s even suggested that you don’t on the websites faq, you should be OK.

The other thing I didn’t like is two times I had a hard time connecting to the server. This wasn’t to bothersome, and things happen from time to time. It could of just been a high server load, or something on my end, but it did bother me enough to reduce my staking amount to just a few dollars until I get a little more comfortable using the service. I’ve been around for a little while now, and I do get a bit nervous letting other people maintain my coins.

Final thoughts !

With the exception of the server time outs, I absolutely love this service. Again, I wouldn’t store my life savings here, but it is a fun way to stake some extra coin you might have sitting around on an exchange, or in a wallet that you rarely load up. With so many POS coins, it can tie up a lot of system resources to stake each of them on your own equipment, so this is a great solution. Again, be safe, and don’t get carried away. I will admit I loaded up a bunch of BitBean, and it’s really fun to hit refresh every few hours and see your coins grow.

The tipbot is a brilliant idea, and I can’t say enough about how happy I am to find a decent replacement to WhitePuma. I sent out some DigiByte to a friend and this will probably become my tipbot of choice from here on out.

I plan on using this service regularly, and I’ll post some updates on my staking, and also how the service works out for me. For the most part, I’ve been playing around with it for three days now, and I absolutely love it.

Bitcoin Borat says “Great Success!”

Bitcoin Borat

Bitcoin Borat says Great Success!