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The 2017 Roadmap for PoSWallet

Just came across the PoSwallet roadmap for 2017. These guys are accomplishing big things. If this is your first time hearing about PoSWallet, it is an online group cryptocurrency staking wallet. Basically users pool together their proof of stake cryptocurrencies and PoSWallet stakes them in a group wallet and distributes the staking rewards to the members for participating. This is a really great way to stake multiple cryptocurrencies without tying up tons of system resources. Now instead of running a wallet for each POS (proof of stake) coin you have, you can just hodl them in your PoSwallet account and still enjoy the earnings. They currently host wallets for close to 100 different proof of stake coins.

I’ve been following this site pretty much from the beginning. I’ve watched it’s user base and platform both grow considerably. Their most recent upgrade is an on site cryptocurrency exchange for trading. Now you don’t even have to transfer your coins to an exchange, and you can trade them right on the site. I came across their roadmap for 2017, and I have to say it looks pretty impressive.

Dev roadmap for 2017 PoSW

PoSWallet roadmap for 2017

These guys are accomplishing big things, not to mention best ICO offer I ever bought into! If you’re interested in learning more about this project, you can check out these two interviews I did with the lead dev awhile back. The first link is about the PoSWallet coin, and the second one is about the staking wallet. This has been a really fun and interesting project to follow:

The Dood Interviews The Lead Dev Of POSwallet!

Interview With PoSW coin.

Interested in opening a free staking wallet, here’s a referral:

Some Of Last Weeks Tops Stories.

Coinbase Gets Summons From IRS

Coinbase dominated the news as the IRS issued a summons for all user information from 2013 to 2015.

Controversial IRS Request To Coinbase Highlights Need For Updated Tax Guidelines

Bitcoin Spam Attacks Delays A Large Amount Of Transactions.

Many bitcoin transactions remained in an unconfirmed state due to what appears to be a spamming attack. The spamming attack caused delays that lasted up to 24 hours or more in some instances.

Spamming Continues on Bitcoin Network, Delays Transactions

Big Names Begin To Withdraw from R3 AKA R3CEV

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Santander all reported to withdraw from R3CEV or R3 blockchain consortium.

Ethereum Forks Again!

Ethereum continues to fork. How does this project stay so relevant?

Ethereum Platform Receives a New Geth Update after Consensus Flaw

Charlie Shrem , Back In The Crypto Game With New Company.

Charlie Shrem and Jason Granger launch Intellisys Capital. Intellisys will issue tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain that will represent shares in various businesses.

Charlie Shrem Joins ICO Craze With Investment Platform Intellisys

Factom Receives Grant From Gates Foundation.

Factom recieves grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for blockchain based medical records project.

Other mentions :

OKcash turned 2 years old this week. The Dood gets interview with OKtoshi, lead dev of OKcash and ROKOS.

Last Weeks Cryptocurrency News In Review

Last weeks news.

Last weeks news recap.

Another interesting week in bitcoin. These are just a few of the headlines that dominated the cryptocurrency and bitcoin space over the last week. For the latest news and happenings in the cryptocurrency community, please follow my twitter.

Brave bitcoin browser raises 4.5 million USD and readies for 1.0 launch

‘Bitcoin Browser’ Brave Raises $4.5M, Readies for 1.0 Launch

If Ethereum didn’t already have enough problems; a dev has come forward and made claim that Ethereum is his intellectual property and the project idea was stolen from him. In order to take his battle to an international court he has started an ICO to raise money for the legal fees that will be associated with the case.

One of the largest bitcoin exchanges made a shocking announcement their exchange had been hacked and lost 120,000 bitcoins. The Hong Kong exchange claimed losses of close to 70 million USD.

Major Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex Suffered From The Theft of 120,000 BTC

Ethereum just can’t stay out of the headlines. Vitalik Buterin announced that even if ETC overtakes ETH he will not support Ethereum Classic.

Kim Dotcom has announced Bitcache for the new and improved return of mega-upload. Although still vague on how the new file sharing site will operate, rumors have it that every file share will be accompanied by a small micro transaction of BTC.

Bitfinex made an announcement that the losses from the hack may be shared by all remaining btc holders on the exchange. All users would have an estimated 30% of their holdings shaved to cover the lost bitcoin from the hack. Later in the week it was reported that a class action lawsuit has already been filed by distraught users not willing to share in the loss.

Bitfinex ‘Leaning Towards’ Bail-In, Haircut for All BTC Traders

More Troubles Brewing for Bitfinex after Socializing Losses?

The defense team for convicted Silk Road operator Ross Ulbricht has filed a reply brief questioning the fairness of the trial that led to his prosecution. The case is full of corruption, with agents even sentenced for the theft of Silk Road bitcoin, yet Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison basically for operating a website.

Ross Ulbricht’s Reply Brief Questions the Fairness of His Trial

It’s never a dull moment in the world of cryptocurrency. For the latest news, rumors, and announcements happening in the crypto space, please follow me on twitter.

Last Weeks News In Review 7-25 to 7-31

Last weeks news.

Last weeks news recap.

A lot happened last week. Although this barely scrapes the surface, these are some of the stories that peaked The Dood’s interest.

Well Ethereum dominated the news for another week. It looks like the Ethereum report around here but it seems all that anyone talked about last week was  Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. A lot of interesting news got buried in the headlines. After the first 5 Ethereum articles I get into some other altcoin news.

Kraken and other major exchanges announced support and interest in ETC helping to fuel its price rise while the price of ETH began to lower.

Vitalik Buterin addresses the “Classic” crowd.

The hardfork of Ethereum seems to of made users susceptible to a replay attack vulnerability.

51 pool announced a 51% attack against the Ethereum Classic Network. In the Dood’s humble opinion this doesn’t really seem like the type of behavior the cryptocurrency community should be condoning if we ever want to be taken seriously.

Finally we have a Step by Step guide to splitting your ETH and getting your ETC from the original chain.

In a survey on my twitter feed out of 45 votes 78% supported ETC over ETH.

Had Enough Of The Ethereum News?

In other news 🙂

A Miami Judge dismissed money laundering charges against a Florida based bitcoiner stating that bitcoin wasn’t money. This was followed by mixed reactions from the bitcoin community. Many felt the ruling diminished bitcoin’s intrinsic value as a legitimate currency, while others celebrated that it opens the door for legal and tax loopholes that many bitcoiners worry about.

Breakout gaming appoints a board of directors following its ICO token sale.

The NXT/Ardor Giveaway has begun and from now till October anyone with a Nxt balance in their wallet or on an exchange will receive an equal amount of Ardor based on their average Nxt holdings over a two month period. A price increase in Nxt seemed to coincide with the announcement.

3,500 decryption keys to the Chimera Bitcoin ransomware were released to the public.

The Bitcoin community is beginning to fight back against ransomware.

Lisk developers announced new tools and services for the platform.

Zcash pushed back their release date to run additional security audits with the code.

On a final note, the Dood has returned to Steemit after losing his password and will be posting there from time to time. If you’re on Steemit, stop by my feed and introduce yourself or say hi!

And there you have it. This really barely scraped the surface of what has been happening in the cryptocurrency communtiy last week. For all the latest news and information on what’s happening in the world of cryptocurrency follow me  twitter and for a more personal look at The Dood follow me on Tsu.

The Top Cryptocurrency Stories Of Last Week!

Last weeks news.

Last weeks news recap.

As always, a lot happened in the world of cryptocurrency last week. These are just a few of the stories The Dood found interesting. If you like these stories and find them interesting. Please check out my twitter feed for the latest news, and happenings in the sphere of cryptocurrency and bitcoin.

Allegations surface that Coinbase, one of the largest U.S. companies to buy and sell bitcoin is secretly tracking their users bitcoin transactions.

Complaints Against Coinbase’s Practice of Tracking Transactions Resurface reported that the guys from Bitcoin Uncensored crashed a OneCoin seminar in Miami and asked some interesting questions about the possible scam.

OneCoin Event Gets Crashed by Bitcoin Uncensored – Interview

Charlie Shrem CEO of BitInstant has been released from prison. Many people in the community feel Charlie was railroaded, and his case set a new precedent for people buying and selling bitcoins. While the executives at big banks get caught red handed laundering billions of dollars in drug money and nobody goes to jail. Charlie sold some bitcoin to a guy that was dealing on the darkweb and ended up going to prison for it.

Charlie Shrem Is Home From Prison and Moving ‘Onward’

A new resolution submitted to the US House of Representatives calls for the development of “a national policy for technology” that would include digital currencies and blockchain technology.

Congressional Resolution Calls on US Government to Support Blockchain

As bitcoin and cryptocurrency grows so does the governments interest it. Thailand among several other countries are looking to increase regulation into the fintech industry.

More Fintech Regulation Is Coming To Thailand

Just when The Dood thought all was lost MojoCoin made the announcement that they were back, active, and ready to make things right with MojoCoin. Apparently the main dev was hospitalized and has now returned, and back to work on the project. I’m working on getting an interview with these guys. In the spirit of disclosure, The Dood did buy some of this ICO and is still currently invested. You can get the latest MojoCoin news from their twitter stream.

The Merkle reports Venezuela’s largest bitcoin exchange is back open for business. SurBitcoin had their accounts frozen after a customer complained about a delayed withdrawal.

Venezuela’s Biggest Bitcoin Exchange Resumes Operations

The popular bitcoin wallet Mycelium has announced integration of DASH. Mycellium is a really popular bitcoin wallet and this is huge news for the DASH community.

Mycelium Wallet Will Soon Integrate Dash

A lot happened last week. For more great stories and the latest happenings in the crypto space, check out my twitter feed here. You can also follow The Dood on Tsu.