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Coin Of The Month – EthereumClassic ETC

I just realized I haven’t posted a coin of the month this month… Soooooo here goes. I’m going to go out on a limb, and this month we’re going to live dangerously. My coin pick for the month of August is EthereumClassic.

My reasoning for picking this coin this month is simple! This is currently a fun, volatile market to trade. I don’t know if I’d hold long term, I have no clue what the future holds for either ETH or ETC, but the current market volatility for ETC is sure to thrill. Frankly, I don’t see this ending well for either coin. That’s just like The Dood’s opinion though man! Not to mention I think some scores are being settled in the crypto community right now. All this though, makes for some really interesting trading.

Now on August 10th / 11th I think we may have hit a bottom in the early morning hours and that’s when I decided to buy in. The market began to rise shortly after touching this bottom.The below chart shows the bottom, the chart after this will show the rise.

EthereumClassic chart showing possible bottom.

ETC chart early morning Aug 10

Now there are a lot of factors to consider with this coin besides technical analysis. There is a lot of coin out there. There’s a lot of grumpy ETH and ETC holders depending on their side of the hard fork debate. Then there’s what happened with The DAO. So there’s a lot of factors that could drive this price either way.

Rumor is the price crash was caused by White Hat DAO hackers who were trying to crash the EthereumClassic market. I’m not super sure about all that, but something happened. So again, I’m going out on a limb and guessing that the bottom was around .00268400 Could it go lower? It’s crypto bro, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! This could be worthless tomorrow, or we could all wake up rich if the right players got involved and drove up the price. Nobody can honestly say which way a market will move.

Now lets look at Aug 12th.

A nice rise, then back down.

The rise and fall of ETC

So you can see the rise from early morning Aug 11th. We hit a high on Aug 12th again in the early morning right around midnight EST and then we start coming down again.

From here on out  you’re on your own. Anyone that follows this blog knows The Dood’s not in the habit of giving financial advice. What I will say is this; if you don’t understand what’s happening in the ETC and ETH communities, you should probably stay away from this one. If you don’t understand basic chart structure and market patterns, stay away from this one. If you’re afraid to lose a little satoshi, stay away from this one. If however, you’re looking for a fun volatile market to trade with lots of highs and lows, this is the one for you. Currently, it’s never a dull moment. The one piece of financial advice I will give is “Never invest more than you can afford to lose, and win, lose or draw you will always have fun.”

With that said, I’ve drawn my line in the sand. I already know where I’m buying, and still contemplating my sell points. I’ve already made a little free coin from selling on the high, and still waiting for my reload point. With the market volatility of this coin, and all the excitement happening in both communities since the DAO hack this environment makes for volatility and fun trading. Be careful, have fun, and remember anything is possible in the crypto space!

Do your own due diligence:………

Disclaimer: Nothing here is meant as financial advice. Seek a duly licensed financial professional for investment advice, not some jackass on the internet who calls himself The Dood. Thanks for reading, and happy trading!


Dood’s Pick For The Month of July Peercoin

Peercoin logoThe Dood’s been switching up his crypto portfolio a bit and the other day I took a peek at the charts for Peercoin and really liked what I saw. The Dood loves the classics, and Peercoin has been around for a few years. One of the first POS coins. The coin has a solid dev team, great community, and at the time of this writing a 24 hour volume of about $15,624 USD. Not to shabby for an altcoin.

Although nobody can really tell which direction a market will move, the coin does seem to be sitting at a nice bottom, with some consolidation and looks like it may soon be ready to take off. At it’s current price I think it shows some potential as a long term hold.

History of market cap

Looks like a nice bottom, with some consolidation, and plenty of room to rise.

1 day peercoin chart

Nobody has a crystal ball or can tell for sure which way a market will move, but this looks nice long term. Current price looks like there’s plenty of room to rise. The 1 week and 1 month charts also look nice to me. Check em out for yourself at…

You can see the 1 week and 1 month charts at…. A slow steady rise with a couple small dips on this would be nice. I think this thing is ready to take off again. Regardless, it’s a good strong project, great tech, well established community, and has a  strong daily volume and market cap.

You can check out the Peercoin website here and get all the latest announcements here.

Remember nothing here is meant to be taken as financial advice. Seek a duly licensed financial advisor for such matters, not some jackass on the internet that calls himself The Dood. All information here is strictly for conversational purposes, and a continued dialog on what’s happening in the realm of cryptocurrency. The Dood likes this project, and wanted to share his thoughts with you, the reader. Take it for what it’s worth and happy trading people.

Top Ten Cryptos For The Week Ending 6-26-16

This weeks top ten cryptos are:

Bitcoin remains reigning champion with a whopping market cap of $9,936,263,882. In second place we have Ethereum with a $1,128,945,995 market cap. In third place Ripple with a market cap of $225,785,195. Litecoin follows closely behind with a market cap of $189,035,666. The debacle that’s The DAO is in the number 5 position with a market cap of $126,287,450. Nem is in 6th, followed by long time favorite DASH with a market cap of $44,049,413. MaidSafeCoin is in 8th place, Lisk takes 9th and everyone’s favorite lovable cryptocurrency Dogecoin is in 10th with a market cap of $29,727,844.

Well there’s a lot of new kids on the block. I suspect The DAO will drop off shortly. Looking forward to seeing what LISK and NEM do in the future,. For more market capitalization charts on hundreds of coins check out….

Coin market cap top ten

Coin market cap top ten for week ending 6-26-16

Coin Pick For The Month OKcash

Before I even get into this I’m going to say right now that The Dood’s been invested in this coin since before it was OKcash.  It used to be called PIMPcash , and then went through rebranding. I’ve remained invested in this coin since, and have steadily accumulated a nice little stash. In the spirit of full disclosure The Dood holds a nice amount of this coin.

With that said, I’m picking OKcash as my pick for the month. OKcash is a POS coin. If you look at the chart this coin shows a nice slow, consistent upward trend since its inception with the occasional dip in price and rather quick bounce back. Not only do you get to watch the price grow with this coin, but if you stake them in your wallet, you will also watch your coins grow. The Dood loves POS!  This isn’t a pump and dump coin, and you can see the natural growth in price in the chart below.

OKcash chart coinmarketcap

Now that’s OK!

During the month of May it was up around 600 satoshi, and on May 31st someone dumped the coin down to 101 satoshi.  The Dood was lucky enough to catch the dump and went all in. Something I rarely do. The next day the coin bounced right back and doubled, and has steadily risen since. At the time of this writing OKcash is around 299 satoshi. Now that’s OK.

I still see this as a great entry point. In my opinion this is a nice long term coin. The Dev team and community are constantly improving upon it. The wallet is fantastic, and it’s also a featured coin for the ROKOS Raspberry PI OS. I will admit however, I’d love to see some improvement to the ROKOS wallet in the way transaction history, and totals are displayed. The ROKOS wallet works great but there are a few bugs.

Anyone that’s followed this blog since before the move and the database loss will know I’ve always been a huge fan of OKcash. This is one of the few long term coins I hold. This isn’t investment advice but I think there’s plenty of room for growth at the current price. None of us have a crystal ball, and nobody knows for sure which way a market will move, but I love this coin long term, and think it shows a lot of opportunity for the month of June and the rest of 2016 for that matter.

OKcash is currently available on Bittrex, Bleutrade, Cryptopia, and Yobit.

To find out more check out these links below :……

BitcoinTalk Announcement Page

Disclaimer: Nothing here is meant as investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice, not some jackass on the internet who calls himself “The Dood”. With that said, always do your own due diligence, never invest more than you can afford to lose, and always use common sense when trading. If you should come across a working crystal ball, make sure to contact The Dood and let him know all about it. Thanks for reading and happy crypto trading.