SteemMonsters Is My Latest Crypto Addiction!

I kept hearing about SteemMonsters and out of curiosity I decided to sign up for it. OMG what a blast. It’s an online card game similar to “Magic The Gathering”. This was the first time I ever played one of these card games and I have to say I’m having a blast. So much to learn. The first week in, I barely know what I’m doing and I’m Bronze Level 1.

If you’re into these types of card games and you haven’t tried SteemMonsters yet, you really should check it out. A starter set is only $10.00 and you get enough cards to start playing right away. As you move up in your league you’re also awarded more cards at the end of the season.

The game is played on the STEEM blockchain. You can also pay for your starter set with STEEM as well as PayPal and other cryptos. I’ll be blogging about this more as I learn. Here’s a referral link if anyone is interested in learning more.…

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