Started The Week With A Little Trading.

As I mentioned on Twitter last week, I think I’m going to start posting some of my buy / sells on my blog.  For the most part, this is to help me keep track of my buys and sells. With some of the exchanges not keeping order history for longer than a few months, I’m using this as a gauge to quickly check prices.

I am not a financial advisor. This is not meant as financial advice. This is just The Dood, doing The Dood.

The only thing I sold so far today was a little Tron TRX at .00000669 Still holding a nice bag, just thought I’d take some profits. If it goes up, I’ll sell more, if it goes down, I’ll buy back eventually.

Currently accumulating:

WAX .00000953
DTA  .00000024
POLY .00003332
DRGN .00002336
TEL .00000010
SNM .00000573
FTC .00000457
NXT .00000728
IGNIS .00000439
PPC .00015817
BAY .00000201

Bought back some MANA .00001021

My big gamble for the day was doubling my position of SNOV .00000034
Hoping for a pump and I may completely exit that market.

Currently swing trading the volatility of BCH, LTC, ETH & ZEC for USD. HODLING BTC, and trying to build my USD.

Remember, The Dood is not a financial advisor and nothing here is meant as financial advice. Please seek a duly licensed professional for financial advice, not some jackass on the internet who refers to himself as The Dood.

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