Site Review: DirectBet EU A Wager On The Presidential Election

I’m not a huge advocate of online gaming or gambling. I’ve played the online slot machines a couple times, poker for dogecoin over at Pokershibes, and the occassional game of online blackjack when I get really bored. The Dood’s just not a gambler. For better or worse, it is a part of cryptocurrency and when I do these things I’ll usually do a site review.

The other day, I decided to look up the odds on the presidential election. What I seen the news reporting and what I seen on social media were two entirely different elections. On most twitter polls Hillary didn’t stand a chance, yet the news consistently reported something else. Frankly, The Dood feels the polls from the mainstream or lamestream media were fixed. Just saying…

Looking at the odds it was just what I thought.  Trump for a long shot at 3.3 to 1 seemed like pretty favorable odds to me. I found the wager on DirectBet EU and bet 1 LItecoin. Yeah, I know, last of the big gamblers LOL. Hey, in real life I’ve never placed a wager with a bookie, although I had a cousin that booked bets, and I’ve never done this online before either.

With that said, in the spirit of adventure and research The Dood sent his 1 Litecoin to DirectBet on Trump for the win at 3.3 to 1. It was as simple as scanning a QR code with my phone to send the 1 litecoin and filling out an online form with a litecoin address so they knew where to send my winnings in the event I won. You could sign up with an email address or simply use an LTC or Bitcoin address without any sign up. For privacy reasons I took the LTC address route.

Direct Bet

The Wager

So to make a long story a little longer, I watched the election last night, Trump won, woke up this morning and discovered my 1 Litecoin investment in now President Trump turned into 3.3 Litecoins. Yeah! President Trump you’re off to a good start in The Dood’s eyes!

Anyway, the site was easy to use, they paid, and The Dood was really happy using the website. When the bet is received by DirectBet you get the transactionID for the deposit, and when the bet is paid, another transactionID is issued for the payment.It really couldn’t of been any easier to do.

With that said, I’m not condoning online gambling. There are no links here, you can find the site on your own. This was simply an experiment in smart contracts and using an online sports book. The Dood found the site useful, easy to use, and a fun way to make the Presidential election a little more interesting and fun, especially when you’re not overly thrilled with either candidate. Hopefully the best person for the job was elected.

On a final note, let’s hope President Trump can indeed “Make America Great Again.”

2 thoughts on “Site Review: DirectBet EU A Wager On The Presidential Election

  1. Rick

    I’ve never been lucky in gambling. Not until Trump won the presidential elections and placed my bet on him! I made a test bet and bought litecoins at and I thought to myself “meh. Just a few coin to spend.” so I bought a total of 4LTC to bet and as I woke up, I saw my 4LTC turned into 13.2LTC (YAY!)

    1. The-Dood Post author

      Yeah, pretty much the same here. Wish I would of put a couple more litecoins on trump. Thought about it a couple times but stuck with 1. I really thought it was a long shot. Congrats.


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