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Renewing a Namecheap Domain with Bitcoin!

Wow, a year has come and gone! First off, thanks to everyone who has made… a success. Surprisingly the site has generated a small following and The Dood really appreciates all the support he has received from the bitcoin community! You all rock!

So… was originally started as an experiment to a) use some of my bitcoin, and b) try to set up a semi anonymous website online using cryptocurrency. Originally the site was hosted by Cryptocloud Hosting and paid for each month with Dogecoin and the site was registered with bitcoin through namecheap.

The experiment was a huge success. The site was registered and still is to Bitcoin Dood 50 Dood Ln. Bitcoin NY. It was originally hosted in the UK and has now moved to a US server. Cryptocloud did a great job hosting the site, but The Dood already had some server space in the US and just didn’t like paying for hosting when he could just add it to his US server at no additional charge. On top of that, there really was no reason to maintain anonymity and The Dood dubbed the experiment a success when all invoices, billing, and contact information was in Bitcoin Dood’s name. LOL

So another year has passed us by. The original Namecheap review was lost in the database crash, when I moved the servers. Oh the horror! From what I remember getting set up was fairly easy. I set up an account on Namecheap that works almost like a prepaid phone card, you have the option to load money into your Namecheap account. I transferred over $15.00 worth of bitcoin. They use BitPay and I did have a small problem waiting for the transaction to clear the first time, but there was a chat box for customer support at the bottom of the page and the person who replied was very patient, found my deposit, credited it, and then I registered my domain. For the most part Namecheap made the process really painless and their customer service was absolutely fantastic.

After I registered the domain name, I pointed the DNS to my host and within about a half hour the DNS had propagated and… was up and running. It really couldn’t of been any easier.

A year has come and gone, and it was time to renew the domain name. The process was just as simple and I’m happy to report there were no problems at all. Here’s the process, and if you wanted to register a domain name you would just set up a Namecheap account, and pretty much follow these steps. If you’ve never registered a domain before, just load up your account and you can have a customer service rep help walk you through the process. It’s a little confusing your first time out, but it’s actually a really simple process and their customer service is great. So here’s what I did.

Step 1) Top Up Your NameCheap Account.

Click top up your account to add money to your namecheap account.

top up namecheap

Click on top up balance to add Bitcoin.

Step 2) Select Pay With Bitcoin

Now select the bitcoin option for payment.

renew domain with bitcoin on namecheap

Click the bitcoin radio button to pay with bitcoin

Step 3) Enter The Amount You Want To Add To Your Account.

So using Namecheap is just like loading a prepaid phone card. You just enter the amount of money you want to add to your account, and then click the “Go To BitPay” button to pay by bitcoin.

How much you want to pay in bitcoin

Enter the amount you want to pay with bitcoin.

Step 4) Send The Bitcoin

Now we send the bitcoin to the specified address and when BitPay receives it the page will refresh and display a confirmation. This happened in almost real time and took under a minute.

Send the bitcoin.

Now just send the bitcoin to the address BitPay supplies.

Step 5) Return To Namecheap To Finish Your Business

Once the confirmation window opens, just click the big blue button that reads “Continue to Namecheap” to either pay your bill or register a new domain. It really is that easy and I had no problems at all this time.

You paid with bitcoin.

Now write down your order number and you are finished.

Step 6) Download Invoice & Finish Up Your Business.

When you return to Namecheap you have an option to download a paid invoice in PDF format. Once you have your receipt either pay your bill or register a domain. Basically you handle your business and you are done. Namecheap makes it really easy to use bitcoin through BitPay.

Domain paid!

Download the invoice and you’re done. This was really simple to do, and now… has been renewed using bitcoin!

And we’re done! So once you load your account you just handle your business, and either pay your bill, or register a new domain name. They make it simple and painless. I’ve used them for almost a year now and I’ve been really happy with the service! If you’re looking for a good hosting company, The Dood highly recommends giving Namecheap a try and paying by bitcoin!

Archive: Interview With Bitcoin Rush!

Bitcoin Rush image

As seen on Bitcoin Rush

This is the very first interview I ever did. It was originally posted on an old blog for a web design business I was working on at the time. The blog is coming down, and the site being redesigned and I decided to take a few of the better posts and post them here. Bitcoin Rush was kind enough to give me my first break, and take some time to do an interview for me back towards the end of 2014 and from that moment of kindness,… was born around 6 months later. So if you absolutely hate my site, you can blame him! LOL…. This was originally posted on Dec. 14th 2014…. Time stops for no man! How the time has past. Feels like I just did this interview yesterday. Anyway, this is The Dood’s first interview with no other than…. Drum rolll please… Bitcoin Rush! Enjoy 🙂

Recently I had the pleasure of befriending Bitcoin Rush on Twitter and by e-mail. His Youtube show is a fantastic source of current events, news, and the latest coin release’s. For those interested in all things altcoin and bitcoin related, his show is well produced, entertaining, and educational. I requested an e-mail interview with Mr.Rush and he was kind enough to take some time and answer some questions. For your reading pleasure, I bring to you , Ten questions with Bitcoin Rush !

BitcoinDood: For many netizens in the crypto-currency scene you need no introduction, but could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush: Bitcoin Rush is Crypto News Media, a news source for crypto technology.
I started out as a crypto educator showing people how to create a wallet, sending digital currency and understanding the current change.
As I frequented bitcoin meet-ups at Plug and Play Center in Silicon Valley, I found not only what I am interested in but also a welcoming community driven by positive change.

BitcoinDood: I started watching Bitcoin Rush a few episodes back and I’ve been hooked ever since. At the time of this writing we are on Bitcoin Rush EP 28. When was Bitcoin Rush first created and what inspired you to start Bitcoin Rush ?

Bitcoin Rush:  Bitcoin Rush was created on March 2014 and my favorite episode #1 was not only an experiment but also the beginning of Bitcoin Rush. I had been studying crypto-currencies especially Bitcoin technology and it became clear to me that there was not only a demand for information, but also an obligation to fill that demand. I learned about the opportunity, that Bitcoin technology can connect the other 5 billion unbanked people in the world to a banking system, and it also can help to eradicate poverty in a profound way. Crowd funded charity becomes possible and money goes directly to where it is most needed. And so Bitcoin Rush became alive almost over night.

BitcoinDood: The production value of your show is fantastic by any standard. Is it just you creating each episode or is there a team of people behind each show ?

Bitcoin Rush:  Currently it is only myself producing the shows, social networking, connecting to crypto firms, text editing, image collection, recording and post production, as well as publishing. It is numerous hours of endless fun. I invite everyone to share their talents to elevate the show to the next level. I want to mention, that I have gotten great support from the crypto community. Bitcoin Rush would not be where it is today without their generous support.

BitcoinDood: What inspires your creativity ?

Bitcoin Rush:  First and foremost the audience. Also inspiration comes from exciting innovations in the crypto space, most of them only in beta, ready to burst into mainstream. Very exciting, indeed.

BitcoinDood: Your show is found on the World Crypto Network channel on Youtube. World Crypto Network brings a lot of great shows and interviews on crypto-currency to Youtube. What is World Crypto Network and how did you get involved with it?

Bitcoin Rush:  World Crypto Network is a team of like minded crypto-currency enthusiasts interested in having their own shows or participating in other shows. I was invited by Thomas Hunt and Kristov Atlas after they saw a few of my episodes. It is a great collaboration.

BitcoinDood: There are currently so many alternative cryptocurrencies being created. Hardly a day goes by where a new coin isn’t being released. How do you decide which coins should be featured on your show?

Bitcoin Rush:  I study and read a lot about these currencies and developments. Sometimes, I pick a company to approach, and more often crypto companies approach me first. I definitely like to support charities, the arts, and humanitarian causes.

BitcoinDood: Feel like naming some of your favorite coins and telling us why they’re your favorites ?

Bitcoin Rush:  I love them all.

BitcoinDood: Any favorite devs and why ?

Bitcoin Rush:  Evan Duffield of Dark Coin (editors note: now DASH) for making crypto-currency completely private. David Zimbeck creator of BitHalo and BlackHalo, for the world’s first decentralized smart contracting software. Andrey Zamovskiy of Holy Transaction for developing the universal crypto currency wallet with instant exchange, just to mention a few incredible innovators. And many others of course.

BitcoinDood: You recently started a blog. I read your first article and it was fantastic. What are your future blogging plans ? Will you be blogging daily ? What can we expect in the future from Bitcoin Rush the blogger ?

Bitcoin Rush: The blog is intended to be an extension of the Bitcoin Rush episodes, on subjects which in my view deserve additional attention. Occasionally I will give my personal views on what’s current. The blog is still in progress and will develop into a platform for social communication about the crypto evolution. I welcome responses from the community. New connections are made and shared among like minded crypto maniacs.

BitcoinDood: Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview. Any final thoughts, predictions, or trends you see in the near future for crypto-currency ?

Bitcoin Rush: My prediction goes hand in hand with Andreas Antonopolous, “In two years one bitcoin will be worth exactly one bitcoin”. Change is here, bitcoin does not stop, indeed.

Want to find out more about Bitcoin Rush ? Check out these links !

Bitcoin Rush Youtube Channel…

Bitcoin Rush Blog

Follow Bitcoin Rush on Twitter

For more great Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related youtube programming check out:

World Crypto Network

Check out the short 4 minute video that started it all ! Bitcoin Rush | Episode 1

Editors note: If you’ve never checked out his show do yourself a favor and stop by his youtube channel. His show is entertaining, extremely well produced,  and always on topic with the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space.

Note to Bitcoin Rush: I’ve met a lot of really cool people in the cryptocurrency space, but none as awesome as Bitcoin Rush. Thank you so much for giving The Dood his first interview! We use the term “friend” loosely on the internet and over the years I feel I can count you as a true “friend” . It has been an honor to make your acquaintance ! Looking forward to many more great episodes of Bitcoin Rush!

What’s Up With The Dood?

Chilling by the Niagara river.

A little end of summer chilling. Relax mode.

I took a short break from blogging.  I wrote about unplugging in a steemit post I did and  frankly I was feeling a little burned out. It’s the end of summer, it’s been really hot, and between trading,  twitter, social networking, and blogging, I just needed a little break. LOL, I guess you can call it that.

I have a week off from work and I decided to start a bunch of projects that I’ve put on hold for far to long. There was some badly needed site maintenance that I need to get into, I started the DoodBot project and got a cryptocurrency chat room going on Dal Net IRC. Oh, to just pile it on, switched over from coding in PHP to Python now. I guess I thought there wasn’t enough to do LOL….

So although the blog seems quiet I’m actually spending the last week of my summer vacation, taking a crash course in python, and doing a lot of design work on the site. All stuff behind the scenes, but that should improve site performance.

I discoverd… has one of those ominous code warnings when you use certain browsers! There’s nothing dangerous about the site, it’s just how I set up some API calls and different PHP scripts I have running. That’s getting fixed in the next day or so, probably even tonight after I watch From Dusk Till Dawn …

DoodBot is going to be a twitter bot, that I want to post all the news, coin prices, and cryptocurrency related podcasts. I started coding him two days ago and got him working but I’m not happy with the results. DoodBot’s search results from twitter are spammy, and I’m having a hard time getting him to post the types of results I want. If you get a chance, stop by twitter and check him out… So far I’ve got the quote script working satisfactorily. If you follow, be warned DoodBot’s results are a little spammy with twitter searches, and I’m still configuring and fine tuning the results.

I started a #cryptocurrency chat room on DalNet IRC. DoodBot IRC is in that chat room, and still needs a lot of configuring too. Eventually I’m trying to figure out a way to make DoodBot IRC and DoodBot twitter communicate. I pop in and out of the that room a few times of day though, sooo if you’re bored and think of it pop in and say high 🙂 I’m @BitcoinDood and if it’s just DoodBot in there, type something in the room and I’ll see it when I check his host. Which reminds me, that has to get paid…

So, yeah, The Dood’s staying busy. I’m going to try and get back to regular blogging. The little bit of blogging I’ve been doing has been getting posted to steemit. I’ll be doing a review about that blogging platform too. Very cool site steemit … You can find me here:…

On a final note, it’s end of summer here and I will be back to posting regularly. Summer past by quick this year, and I’ve just been enjoying the last few weeks before it passes me by and I’m sitting in the house snowed in! LOL… Hopefully that won’t happen anytime soon, but hey I live in Buffalo NY and I’ll tell you now, it gets cold here quick. I’ll be enjoying the last few day of summer, and I’m also looking forward to the cool autumn change of seasons here. I’ll make time to post though, I promise. Hope everyone had a delightful summer, talk to you all soon!

The Dood

Youtube: Andreas Antonopoulos Talks Infrastructure Inversion

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a California-based information security expert, tech-entrepreneur and author. He is a host on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast and a teaching fellow for the master in science Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia. Italic text taken from wiki.

I thought this was a really great talk about how new technologies are often viewed by people and sometimes a little feared and misunderstood. Eventually, these same technologies end up changing the world we live in, in ways we never even imagined. I absolutely love the analogies he uses comparing cars and horses, and the way people viewed electricity in it’s early days.  Bitcoin and the blockchain are probably one of these misunderstood technologies.