Top Ten Cryptos For The Week Ending 6-26-16

This weeks top ten cryptos are:

Bitcoin remains reigning champion with a whopping market cap of $9,936,263,882. In second place we have Ethereum with a $1,128,945,995 market cap. In third place Ripple with a market cap of $225,785,195. Litecoin follows closely behind with a market cap of $189,035,666. The debacle that’s The DAO is in the number 5 position with a market cap of $126,287,450. Nem is in 6th, followed by long time favorite DASH with a market cap of $44,049,413. MaidSafeCoin is in 8th place, Lisk takes 9th and everyone’s favorite lovable cryptocurrency Dogecoin is in 10th with a market cap of $29,727,844.

Well there’s a lot of new kids on the block. I suspect The DAO will drop off shortly. Looking forward to seeing what LISK and NEM do in the future,. For more market capitalization charts on hundreds of coins check out….

Coin market cap top ten

Coin market cap top ten for week ending 6-26-16

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