The Dood’s Week In Review Ending 12-04-16

Last weeks news.

Last weeks news recap.

The cryptocurrency news week in review. Check out some of these headlines for the weekending 12-04-16.

In fighting and desencion in the ranks of Synereo. This news seems to be reflected in the coin price on exchanges as investors lose confidence in the project and the price plummets.

Synereo Update…

Good news for Linux lovers. Fedora will have it’s own Electrum wallet in their software repositories. I’d like to see this happen more often with more Linux distributions. I was just thinking the other day how there isn’t enough readily available bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets in the main distribution repositories.

Fedora Receives Its Own Electrum Bitcoin Wallet Client

Here’s something everyone in the cryptocurrency space has known for some time now. Holiday shopping report shows bitcoin is the most secure form of online payment. In the era of identity theft and credit fraud, I don’t understand why more companies don’t accept cryptocurrency. As consumers we need to demand that online businesses begin accepting cryptocurreny.

2016 Holiday Shopping Fraud Report Shows Bitcoin Remains Most Secure

The IRS Coinbase summons remained in the news over the week. For the second week now the Coinbase IRS summons for user data has dominated the news. Everyone continues to speculate on what this means for both exchanges and users a like. Considering the agency, I’m going to guess they’re looking for hardcore tax evaders.……

IRS Sees Bitcoin Transfers as ‘Taxable’ Events [UPDATE]

Judge Ruling May See Coinbase Hand Over Client Data to IRS

Looks like bitcoin may be ringing in the new year on a high note. Bitcoin hits all time high for 2016 and highest value since 2014. Many investors are excited and speculating that 2017 may be the year that bitcoin reaches another all time high!………

BitLendingClub shuts down due to regulations. Another example of how over regulation can affect an industry. BitLendingClub shuts its doors over legal concerns.…

BitLending Club Shuts Down Due to ‘Regulatory Pressure’

New evidence points to more corruption and evidence tampering in the Silk Road Ross Ulbricht case. Ross Ulbricht supporters held a FreeRossathon on Sunday to help with legal fees for his appeal.…

Tomorrow is the Free-Ross-A-Thon, Support Ross Ulbricht Creator of The Silk Road

Free Ross-A-Thon Livestream

Steemit hardforks with some new changes and now makes it a little quicker for users to “power down” their account and cash out a little quicker if they need to.……

As the block size debate rages on, segregated witness seems to be gaining more support from the community.…

SegWit Signaling Support Creeps Higher And Surpasses 30%

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