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Welcome to The Dood's cryptocurrency pages. This site is currently under redevelopment. Some parts of the site are down but will return shortly. This site is a labor of love and a side project I work on in my spare time. The blog is filled with my thoughts on crypto and trading in general. You'll also find the occasional interview and product review.

The links page is constantly being updated with links to all kinds of cryptocurrency related sites. You can find merchants that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, along with various cryptocurrency related services and offers. You'll also find various exchanges and tools for trading.

If you're looking for news, the news aggregator is currently being redeveloped. Although it's still in beta stage it is currently pulling the latest cryptocurrency news headlines from a couple different sources. You can expect an upgrade to that section of the website soon.

If you've come here looking to hire The Dood for a web design project just click on the web design link in the sidebar. The easiest way to contact me is a DM on twitter or on my Discord Server. You can also email me at

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